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Hi endo is a horrible disease that takes over your life on a day to day basis , after years of heavy painful periods my gyno decided to do a endometrial ablation to stop the heavy bleeding, it didnt work, i then went back to my gp who sent me for a scan the scan revealed fluid filled pockets on and in the womb wall but ovaries looked good ca125 blood test revealed it was slightly raised which would suggest inflamation in the pelvis, upon seeing my gyno he decided to do a hysterectomy through the tummy wall as he said i may have adenomyosis and possible endometriosis, so on the 10th of this month i had surgery on the hope to save my ovaries, everything had to go as my left ovarie was covered in endo with adhesions every where, before surgery i felt like i was pushing on 80 with sore stiff joints knees mostly, fatigue felt in low spirits all the time didnt want to go anywhere as i was always uncomfortable, after surgery im like a new women my knees no longer ache i feel the age i am 39, ladys there is light at the end x

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  • Congratulations. Must be such a relief for you, its great to hear a success story. I'm 38 and my consultant said I was too young to have the ablation and hysterectomy, I will keep fighting x

  • Thank you and yes keep fighting good luck x

  • Glad to hear that your surgery has been a success. It will be what I push for as well depending on the next year or twos outcome. Have they put you on anything? HRT? Best wishes for a good recovery.

  • Thank you i have to see my gp in the next two weeks to disscuss hrt which the gyno has said im to young not to have it good luck and keep pushing x

  • I'd love to hear how you get on at your appointment. My consultant told me that by taking HRT as its a hormone it could make the endo come back. I did think at the time she was fobbing me off so I would be grateful if you could let us know what the outcome is. x

  • Hi i will do as it was a concern of mine x

  • Hi ive seen my dr now and hrt is on hold untill she has a full report of surgery and knows if the gyno has managed to remove all traces of endo, her main concern of me not taking hrt is brittle bones she said if i fell and broke my hip i could die from that type of break scarrey i know, so i asked if hrt was a no go could i take vitamins to help my bones, she could do a prescription for vitamin d and calcium to help, as of the other side effects of hrt she said they are only a worry in women who take hrt after 50

  • Jeez that is scary!! Thanks for letting me know how you got on, I appreciate that. How are you feeling now??

  • I still feel good and lost some weight always a plus lol but i no longer feel full down there and swollen my scar is healing lovely and has caused me no problems but can still get a bit of pain with bowel and bladder movements, but dr thinks its everything settling down, having the hysterectomy was the right decision for me , how are you doing x

  • That's amazing news, you must be so pleased. Hopefully the pain will die down when you are all healed. I had a couple of weeks respite for some reason, was feeling good no pain etc but this week hasn't been too good and feeling a bit down :(

    Keep in touch x

  • Will do i have been overly tearfull at times lol which me and my husband turn into laughter x

  • So great to hear a positive story well done it's very eay to be completely negative re this disease I fall into that trap sometimes so Thankyou.

    Hope you continue positively and enjoy being pain free !xxx

  • Thank you i to was always negative and thought there would never be an end only time will tell but at the moment apart from feeling alittle bruised inside i feel great, no more fullness down there, the burning stabbing pain that would start when i was due a period and got worse during its just such a relief xx

  • Made my day reading your post....thank you. I am waiting for a total hystectomy after years of suffering. They offered ablation but I insisted only a hysterectomy would help now. I have endo, adenynomiosis and fibriods.

    I believe HRT can cause endo to flare up again if any is left behind after op so I'm going to go without too. Its all about eostrogen as that feeds endo.

    Can't wait for my op.....hope I feel as good as you ....I am 44 and hope to feel like superwoman post op!!!!!


  • Thank you there is some pain due to my bowel and bladder being pushed out the way but i still feel great inside i just need to allow my body to heal properly, good luck x

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