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when to expect period after 5 month course of prostap?

I had my last 4 weekly injection on the 29th august. through out the whole 5 months I continued to have a period my last one being the 6th September. I have not had a period since. is this normal? I am 27 so not menopausal etc. just a little concerned that is been 81 days since my last period. anyone offer me any reassurance on this or should I be worried?

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I finished prostap around the same time as you and I haven't had a period yet either. Were you also taking hrt, because if you were then the periods you had during the prostap could very well have been breakthrough bleeding from the hrt rather than actual periods, similar to the periods you get when taking the pill. In which case you may not have had actual periods (ie. with ovulation) since before the prostap. Failing that its early days still and its a powerful drug, it will take time for your system to kick back in and settle down. Also is there any chance you could be pregnant, may be worth taking a test just to be sure x


I had full on painful heavy bleeding throughout the whole course but I was on HRT as the sweats were unbearable I've never been on the pill before so never experienced break through bleeding as you described - so could well have been. I'm told I wont be able to conceive without IVF but I have had nausea so took tests to make sure 3 back as negative so I'm pretty confident I'm not pregnant unfortunately! glad to know I'm not the only one in the same boat, next appointment with consultant on 3rd December to discuss surgical options so will see how I am then and advise hi,. thank you xx


Glad you've got an appointment so soon, i was waiting until after my prostap to review surgery options etc but bailed and had my surgery 6 months early and whilst still on the prostap to give me a shot at conceiving naturally once the prostap is out of my system (fingers crossed anyway!). I had hrt in months 6 and 7 of prostap and bled both months, same as my normal periods, didnt bleed at all for the other 10 months i was on it and my Gynae agreed it was actually breakthrough bleeding from the hrt - I had a big argument with a GP about it as he refused to believe me and told me to put up with it, after researching it I was really annoyed that they offer hrt with prostap without telling you that there is a high chance it will cause monthly bleeding (completely at odds with the whole point of prostap!), there is only one version that won't and its not actually strictly hrt! Anyway rant over, sorry! Good luck with your appointment x


Average wait is 5 months. so half of ladies will ovulate sooner than that and get their periods back (mine took 8 weeks from last zoladex implant) , and half will have to wait longer than 5 months.

My advice is do your best to enjoy the break before it does all start up again.

When the side effects of the drug are not making life miserable and the pain of endo is calm too.

I was very miffed mine restarted so soon--as quickly as it possibly could....and i only had one ovary left too. Not a happy bunny with that surprise !!

Nowadays the mirena is working a treat - and I don't have my periods anymore.


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