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When should i expect my next period?

I had a Laparoscopy 25th February to remove endo but had norethiterone earlier that month, i have since then not had a period, my previous one started 34 days ago. I have been on the pill for 8 years so dont know how my cycle normally pans out. Is this normal? Im slightly concerned that if I am pregnant i have had norethisterone and a general anaesthetic.

Any help welcome please? Thanks.

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lol, I posted this a week ago. I was on norethisterone for 9 months to stop my periods, had two breaks off it and came on straight away both times....I'm now 6 weeks late for my period, I'm getting the pains, sore boobs etc have had 3 regnancy tests all negative. Saw my GP yesterday and he told me that it happens a lot with norethisterone and some women can wait up to 6 months before their period returns. I'd do a pregnancy test hun and if it's negative then it's obviously the norethisterone messing your body up like mine xxx


Just to reassure you, they would have done a pregnancy test before your op. They did me even though I haven't had sexual relations for over 18 months. xxx


Thank you, I was hoping someone had been in the same boat, that's put my mind at rest! I'll do a test tomorrow but fingers crossed its just the norethisterone. I'm a little annoyed that this possibility wasn't mentioned when prescribed! Thank you! X


Any surgery (not just the gynae ones) can upset your periods for up to 2 years, according to a surgeon I spoke to some years ago, and so there is no such thing as 'normal' since we all react differently to operations as we do to endo.

My advice is just enjoy the recovery from surgery without also having a period to contend with. It will happen in its own good time.


Hi. I was put on Decapeptyl for 3 months following a lap in October. I Had my last jab start of December and didn't get my period til the start of march. I think it varies a lot but don't worry too much just yet. xx


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