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When to expect period after prostap?

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I had my last 3 month dose of prostap on 1st October. How long does it normally take for period to return. Do I have to wait for period to get pregnant?

Any information and advice would be fantastic.


Vicky xxxx

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i took decapeptyl 3 month in 29 aug which is the same action as yours inj

i still waiting my period

ladies told me that it depend , some their period caome back after 4-5 months others take more time


Hi Vicky!

I had 3 month zoladex inj last one in April. My periods returned in August but they have been all over the place. I was also advised by my doctor to wait 3 months after the last inj to start trying to conceive as the inj is harmful to the foetus. Hope this helps a little! Take care.

Elle x


Hello, I had mine on 2nd May, had a small bleed 3 months later then a proper one 4 months later, however it's taken 6 months to start ovulating again, I had an ivf cycle in Aug/Sept and my ovulation only seemed to return after that

Lilly xx


The drug remains in you for 4 months from the last injection or implant, so Elle86 is correct, you have to keep on using condoms and practising safe sex till teh drug has entirely dispersed from the body to avoid harm to a developing baby.

On average, women begin to ovulate again 5 months after stopping the drug. So half of women will restart periods and ovulation before the 5 month mark and half will wait longer than that.

Mine came back as soo as it darn well could...arghh I was hoping for a few pain free months..all I got was a 4 week respite and my period arrived with avengeance.



I had my last 3 month prostap injection on 5 July and no period yet, have felt like its on its way quite a lot but its not made an appearance yet. I was on it for nearly a year and my consultant has said not to expect it until after Christmas x


Just wanted to let you all know that I had my last injection December 8th 2014 and just got my period 21st Feb 2015, so just 6 weeks after end of the last month of taking it. I had just been reading this boards and feeling depressed that I'd be waiting months and then it came! So I wanted to hopefully reassure others that it might not be such a long wait. x

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Vicky3118 I am in the same position you were in 6 years ago. How long did it take for your periods to return? and when did you start ttc?

Thank you :)


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