Tomorrow is the day of the lap!

Tomorrow is almost here! I'm so so nervous but also slightly happy that I will finally be getting answers!

I am currently trying to clean the house and wash bed sheets etc so I don't have to do it when I'm recovering. I would ask the boyfriend but his talents stop at making baked beans on toast!! 🙈😂

Anyway I was just wondering if there are any other tips any of you lovely ladies have to prepare the house before surgery xx

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  • Hi Katymarie I just wanted to say I hope all goes well for you and you have a swift recovery.

    Scrub your bathroom! You won't feel like doing it for a while. I made some healthy meals and froze them too.

    While you are actually recovering though don't worry about house work at all, it will all still be there when you are feeling better.

    Let us know how it goes,


  • Thankyou!! Bathrooms have just been scrubbed now and finishing off washing clothes!

    I'm super nervous but I'm going to fight the nerves (I hope) I will let you know how it goes xx

  • I have a family of 5 and all boys, so love food, I made sure I had a full house of food, some prepared meals and some easy meal options, get yourself some peppermint tea and tablets both help with the air they put in your abdomen, take a pillow with you for the journey home, for sear belt, and make sure you have some books and films mini series etc.

    Good luck tomorrow, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, will they be excising any endo found?


  • Thankyou very much!! I'm shopping this evening as I have annoyingly got a headache after all that cleaning! Yes if any is found they will be removing it. Xx

  • Good luck, I had mine last Thursday. Really good idea to clean house, get washing sorted, hoovering etc as you definitely won't want to after!

    I would say get anything you might want ready at a manageable height as bending over isn't easy or something you want to do! Also my husband has been helping me shower and wash/dry my hair which has been fab!

    Have loose jogging bottoms and comfy bigger top ready to come home in and wear at home - my stomach is bloated so I'm still in my bigger clothes! And pain killers to hand, I have been taking them regularly since Thursday and although still times when sore/painful, they have really helped!

    Hope all goes well for you tomorrow - I had a bit of a wait on the morning of my op so a magazine or good book helps.

    Nicola xx

  • Thankyou so much! Glad your recovering nicely!

    I will get a small back packed also just in case! Xx

  • Yes it's not too bad but a bit frustrating that you can't really do much - I'm usually on the go so sitting here reading and watching TV is lovely for a short while but I'll be glad when I can do more! My dressings are off tomorrow so hoping all is OK with the wounds.

    I also took a big cardi so I was comfy for journey home.

    Shall be thinking of you!xx

  • Ooh and definitely a pillow to put over your tummy in car home - journey home was the worst part as I had gas pain in my shoulders, tummy hurt a bit and the bumps make you feel worse! We had 2 routes home - back roads or motorway, I would definitely advise motorway as it is much smoother!!

  • Good luck!

    I batch cooked lots of meals and froze them - they were a godsend because my husband could just bung them in the oven for me.

    If you don't already have them - buy some big granny knickers 2 sizes too big to go up over your tummy so they don't press on your incisions.

    Same with jogging bottoms. And I bought some nighties - I usually sleep in pyjamas, but you won't want anything pressing against your tummy.

    I took some straws with me to hospital so I could drink without having to lift myself up too much.

    Fluffy slippers and dressing gown for the walk to theater.

    Hand cream, wet wipes, lip balm for my stay in hospital (ended up coming home the same day though!).

    Hope it goes well, it's really not as bad as you think. I was nervous too, and it was fine.

  • Thankyou so much! I have a really bad headache today and I think it is too do with the anxiety of it all!

    Trying to drink as much water today as I can xx

  • Hi, I have my lap tomorrow and have also been cleaning house and washing bedding. I have a little girl and am a single parent too so trying to make sure everything is done as much as possible. Hope all goes well for you X

  • Thankyou! Good luck to you also! I'm sure it will be lovely to cuddle with your little one after surgery! Let me know how it goes! I'm on the afternoon list so I have a bit of a wait xx

  • Hi, thank you! What time do you have to go in when on afternoon list? I had a lap done about 6 years ago so I kind of know what to expect. If your in pain after op tell them straightaway as they can give you more pain relief. They give painkillers before they bring you round from anaesthetic but sometimes not enough for some people as everyone is different in terms of pain levels. Also tell them if you feel sick when woken. This is quite common and they can give you an anti sickness drug. All the drugs can make you constipated so they may prescribe you a stool softener and altho you probably won't feel like eating it is best to eat little and often to try avoid constipation. Also drink lots of water.

    Just to warn you the gas they pump into your abdomen can cause a lot of pain afterwards. No one told me this last time and it was quite scary. But they will look after you on the ward and make sure your as comfortable as possible. It is hard to get up and about to begin with but it is best to try as it then gets easier quicker. Definitely have a cushion for car journey back so seat belt doesn't cut into your tummy and have plenty of pillows Or one of those v shaped ones to help u sleep when back home as hard to lie down. You will have chance to ask the consultant and anaesthetist any questions you might have before your op. I've written mine down do I don't forget anything . Be thinking of you, all the best X

  • Thankyou for such an informative post! It helps a lot! I have to go to the hospital at 12.30 then I will be told what time my op is. Which isn't great because it could be a long day of nervously waiting around! Xx

  • That's ok, glad I can help. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long. X

  • How did your lap go? xx

  • Morning. It went a lot better than I expected! Thankfully I was knocked out before the canula was put in as I was so anxious, but they were all so good and trying to keep me calm. I had a bit of a reaction to the anesthetic as my anathietist came in after my op to see if I was ok, and she said I was wrestling with the nurses and pulling out my tubes which I cannot remember! The surgeon came round and mentioned that I didn't have much endo at all but had old blood that went back up into my pelvis so that's why I was in pain! So I might need to go on the pill to help that. But I'm feeling happy with the outcome and the answers. Feeling sore today so I will be focusing on recovering! Thankyou for your post to help me through! Xx

  • Firstly good luck with it all hon. I did exactly the same thing! You don't want to have cleaning to do when you're laid up! Make sure you have some peppermint tea in to drink, also fruit sweets for if your throat is sore after the op. Lots of pillows because it's hard to lay down, I slept almost sitting up for the first week. Generally just look after yourself and make sure you have family/friends to look after you, especially for the first few days. If you're brave enough to read it, I have written a blog about my experience

    Mel x

  • Thankyou! I was going to ask you how was waking up after the op?? I will defintley read your blog now! Xx

  • Waking up after the op for me was absolutely fine - one minute I was chatting to the staff in theater, next minute I heard someone call my name and it was all over. I was in pain for a while in the recovery room, but it didn't last.

    They wouldn't let me take any Ibuprofen until I had eaten something, and let me tell you trying to get a cheese sandwich down me with a dry mouth was hard going! Took a lot of water and willpower, but it was worth it! Make sure they save some food for you for when you come back from theater - I missed out on the food order so they had to just find something in the fridge.

    The absolute worst thing, as people have said, is the gas pain. It was agony for the first few days, but I used a hot water bottle and massage, and moved around as much as I could to help shift it.

    Good luck


  • Thankyou! That what I was worried about. I think it's the feeling of being in the Unknown. But I'm so happy that you have experience of the lap and know what to expect. Just hoping the needle in the hand doesn't hurt to much! I'm a bit of a wuss with needles x

  • I'm a total wuss with needles - I can't look when they put the canula in - it's actually a very fine plastic tube. Just don't look.

    It didn't hurt any more than a blood test needle, it was fine, and there was just so much going on around me and the theater staff were brilliant at distracting me.

    The general anaesthetic was amazing - it was such a positive experience for me, I was so scared of it too. I told them I was worried about feeling sick afterwards, so they assured me they'd give me plenty of anti-sickness drug in my GA. I didn't feel sick at all.

    Be prepared for a very swollen tummy for a week or so afterwards - I couldn't even contemplate wearing jeans. My jogging pants and massive knickers were a godsend (I still wear them now, LOL!)

    Take care of yourself, and good luck


  • Thankyou! I am glad it's not just me that feels that way about needles!

    I was also concerned about feeling sick after so I'm glad that you mentioned that and will defintley be mentioning that to the nurses etc!

    I will let you know how I get on 😊 Xx

  • Thanks! I could walk after a few days but before then it was pain in my shoulder that was bad and also I felt exhausted. Things do get better each day though and you'll be back to normal soon and at least you'll have answers xx

  • Good luck with your lap Hun, I wish you all the best and totally understand how nervous you are in the same as I'm awaiting my appointment for my lap and I have found your post very helpful with the amount of answers you have reviewed full of so much great advice. take care xxxxx

  • Thankyou! I will be sure to let you know how it went xx

  • Whoop whoop! My lap day buddy - mine is tomorrow too! Hope it goes well for you.

    I've got the big 'no vpl knickers', pads, baby wipes, something soft to eat after (have allergies, so at least I know it's safe for me to eat), big stretchy skirt, warm thick jacket, bottles of water, tissues.

    I've got fresh sheets on the bed, ironing basket cleared, wash basket (quite) empty, freezer full of food, lots of herbal teas, a few treats, favourite DVDs next to my bed, masses of pillows, softest PJs in the world, box of crafting stuff by my bed too and lots of drugs.

    However, didn't give much thought to what I'd actually be wearing in the hospital! 😮 will go and pack a bathrobe and fluffy bed socks (I feel the cold).

    Thanks for the tips ladies 😊

  • Yay! I have a lap buddy!

    We can go through it together! Is yours in the morning or afternoon? I have mine in the afternoon, so could be a long wait!

    I have bought myself some adult colouring books to keep me company! And also so very stretchy leggings!

    I think I will be doing some extra packing tomorrow morning!

    I think I also need to take my nail varnish off my toes! Don't know if I will get away with that!

    Good luck with yours! Xx

  • Oh yes - do they tell you there and then what they found? I'm dreading them telling me, and me not remembering (shocking memory, bound to be worse when coming round from anaesthetic!)

  • I think they do, so I'm hoping my boyfriend can remember that bit!

    But I do know that they will give you a follow up to explain it more x

  • Thanks... I think that like you, I just want some answers as to why I've been feeling like this... dreading them saying "we saw nothing, we don't know what's wrong with you".

    Mine is a morning appointment, got to be there at 7.30 (not that you'd know it, the way hubby is faffing around - so much for a shower & early night!).

    All the best for tomorrow afternoon xx

  • Yes that's exactly what I'm worried about! Is the surgeon saying he couldn't find anything! I would be back at square one! Wish you the best of luck again also! And let me know how it went when your feeling better! Xx

  • A nice relaxing bath tonight not only helps with the anxiety but also it will be a while before you can have proper shower. Hope all goes well tomorrow xx

  • How did it go KatyMarie and JellyKat? I hope you're both ok and recovering nicely with hot water bottles and lots of TLC

  • Morning. The lap went smoothly the surgeon said which is good. I thankfully didn't have endometriosis but he said its something similar when my period doesn't come out properly and instead it goes back up into my pelvis and sits there which causes me the pain! I have never heard of that before but I'm glad I know what it is! Feeling sore today so just taking it slow xx

  • Sounds like you got some answers there Katymarie.

    They found a cyst but didn't do anything about it, said it wasn't what was causing me pain and are saying it might've bowel related (even though I've tracked my hormone levels and pain - there is a distinct correlation and feel utterly fobbed off).

    Feeling pretty ok pain wise though - I've had much worse than this!

    Hope you're recovering well Katymarie xx

  • I can imagine your frustration! Surely the cyst would have something to do with it? What's the next step for you? Yeah the pain is manageable just very windy in both areas! I am assuming that will be from the lap! Xx

  • Hi, are you any better yet? I feel generally ok... I've had worse than this but I don't want to be in the office just yet... working from home in comfy PJs and a heat pad on!

    I've had to 'go back to work' as the Dr at the hospital didn't give me a sick note - the nurse said they'd have to post one out. I chased this up yesterday, was told the note would only cover me for one day as I was a day case patient - did they really think it only took an afternoon to get better?! (I also planned a break in the pill for this week off, knowing I'd likely feel crap anyway). It also never occurred to them to check what pain relief I had available to me at home.

    Who knows what's the next step for me? I have gone back to my gp to ask for a scan on my gallbladder like the hospital suggested, but I do feel as though that is a separate issue (pain is totally different to the "lady bits" pain I have).

    I'll just have to wait for a post-op follow up... assuming, of course, they'll do one. I'll take in graphs to show pain v hormones, let them see theres a link xx

  • Hi lovely, I'm feeling good Thankyou. The wind pain has pretty much gone it's just the incsisions are a bit sore, the only thing I find is my sleeping is messed up at the moment, putting it down to the anesthetic etc but who knows!

    What that's crazy I still have another week off! My surgeon did a two week sick note for me and gave it to me when he came round to see me! That's not right that you haven't been given a note for that long? Could you maybe speak to your GP and see if he/she can give you one instead?

    I have had my back and side pain again along with cramps but Im guessing it's due to the lap!

    I don't really know where to begin with regards to the next step like you! But my friend had endo and she had two laps and they found nothing! But then she was rushed into hospital with appendicitis and when they were removing it they found extensive deep endo! So it defintley pushes me to get answers! Xx

  • I've already used several days sick this year, I'm terrified of my work thinking I'm a slacker.

    I'm just feeling drained and emotional - the pain side of things is (relatively) ok - I've felt much worse than this and have been in the office, but I think maybe I've done that in the past thinking that it would all be sorted on the 20th & I wouldnt have to go through that 'being at work while in pain" for much longer - ha! How wrong am I?

    I've had cocodamol and mefanamic acid - I'm sure that one of them is causing my headaches, so I'm trying to reduce my intake of them.

    Oh, and something caused an allergic rash all over my stomach, where the iodine was (the didn't both to wipe that off me, luckily I had taken some wipes with me to the hospital).

    The registrar saw me after the op, told me the cyst the found couldn't be responsible for the pain & started to condecende me about mittlesmertz and bowel pain... I was sat there in tears and half dressed with my head in a post-anaesthitic daze... not really in much of a state to argue much.

    I'll see how I get on working from home for the next two days, and maybe get sick notes for the next time I'm really bad.

    Can you tell I'm not impressed..? 😏 xx

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