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No period after Prostap


I have been on Prostap for 6 months (2 x 3 monthly injections). The last one I had was 23rd August. I had periods all the way through which my doctor said 2/10 women still have them, since I have been off the injections I haven't had a period yet (due on 15th of each month). Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks x

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Hi I had period for 11 months solid so after northeserone and trananemic acid I was finally given the injection in my tummy on10 sept it stopped period for 3 days then I had the most severe worst period I have ever had in my life ! Flooding clotting pains extreme pain stood up I flooded got a shower to get clean flooded 5 minutes later 108 tampons in 24 hours plus towels I went back he gave me iron tablets as I was so bad I ended up 3 weeks of flooding and being so ill I would have been happy to die there and then 😩Seriously it was awful couldn't go out work shop anything then 3 half weeks later stopped!!! Not a spec of blood and had none since then... I am due the nxt one on 10 January and I will let you no what happened

I had a hard lump a few days after in my tummy that stayed there a month got bruised and sore but apart from that nothing

My daughter in law has been in it 12 years only stopped for 1 year to get pregnant but tbh I think fingers crossed it takes at least 2 months to really kick in and work

It's similar to the northesterone tablets I was on them for 1 year stopped had no period for 9 months then had 11 month one so yes I think once these things are stopped then after a few months it causes a heavy bleed or causes nothing for a while then a bleed

Good luck with it all

Hope you're ok and anyone one else in same situation x


Oh god bless you that sounds horrific. I used to have really bad periods that's why I went on the injections and they seemed to get better.

I'm just confused as I was still having a period all the way through the injections when I was told they would stop, when I've come off them and want to get pregnant I haven't had a period! So confusing. I hate women's bodies 😟 Hope you're ok and feel better soon x


Thanks Hun and you -)

just think it takes 2-3 months to start working then about 7 months after you stop you should get pregnant as that's why happened with my daughter in law-) but everyone is different and yes I agree wish I was a man sometimes!🙈 Happy new year anyway let me no how you go on and good luck with the trying for the baby😘X


Fab thanks for the info 😊. Happy new year to you too and hopefully it'll be a healthy one for the two of us! I will keep you updated, thank you for your help x

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Thanks Hun x


I have endometriosis, after two operations and prostap for 6 months, I am now waiting for my period to return! It is now 6 months since my prostap ran out but still no period. Been given norethisterone and clomid to help my body start again and increase fertility! Hope this helps! How have you both got on since these posts? K


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