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Endo pain just six weeks after laproscopy? Is it healing or is it back already???

I was told the surgery went very well, and was really starting to feel alot better, however in the last week the pain is back. In my right ovary, my back and down my legs. Surely it cant be back already :( I saw my gyny and he just seemed to dismiss it and gave me painkillers. I dont seem to be on any kind of plan to prevent it coming back - whereas before I was taking Logynon back to back. He is now just changing my pill and asking me to take it as normal. I am extremely worried this may make it worse, and dont really want the period pain. Can anyone advise. Could it just be the healing process at this stage.

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Sorry to hear that but I am 8 wks post op and have bn the same. 6wks after my lap I had severe pains in my left side n almost took myself to hospital but didn't want to be told it's just healing pains. The doc made an urgent referral to consultant as my follow up wasn't till march as my op was apparently successful. I'm still suffering lots of pains so I am worried too. Ask ur doc to go back or get a 2nd opinion. X


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