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Long waiting time for gynae

Hello everyone, To cut a long story short, this morning I have been told i won't be seen by gynae at my local hospital until at least august 2016. The current waiting list is 11 months. I have been off work with excruciating abdominal pain which my GP suspects is related to endo. Having seen my GP yesterday he would not prescribe me provera to bring on a period as he wanted me to see gynae first. I havent had a period from i stopped the pill in february, Nor am i ovulating. Essentially I am writing this post to see what others have experienced. How long did you wait for your initial gynae appointment? Private health insurance won't cover me for any pre existing conditions so that isn't an option either. Im a nurse in the NHS so we dont qualify for health insurance through work. Don't think i can go on with pain like this for 11 months with no real treatment. Feeling frustrated :(

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Hi, I am really sorry you are in for such a long wait. After experiencing symptoms for years and trying coil I have twice been referred to gynae. The first time I was bleeding after sex and I had a gynae appointment within 2 weeks of seeing GP, that time they didn't suspect endometriosis but I did have a cervical erosion which they treated.

Then I started bleeding daily, just a little but it was really bothering me. I went to GP 4 times and had tests and swabs for everything they could think of including early menopause.

My periods have always been horrific but as it was 'usual for me' no one was really concerned. In September I went back to GP and said the daily bleeding was really bothering me and could she refer me to gynae, she did and again I had an appointment within 2 weeks. They found a couple of cysts on my ovaries, one was an endometrioma, the gyna said you must be in serious pain, I told them I have been for about 20yrs! I saw gynae on 1st Oct and I had my laproscopy last week on 29th October. I am not sure if it was all so quickly for me because of luck, that they could see I was in a mess or because I happened to mention I had been trying for a baby with no luck which actually wasn't my main concern but seemed to concern them.

When I went for lap I was the first in and the consultant did say I was lucky as they wouldn't be able to see everyone in waiting room that day because of lack of beds.

I am not sure what to suggest, can you phone gynae and ask to be contacted if there are any last minute cancellations?


Thanks for sharing with me :) We are also trying for a baby at the moment but obviously with very little success and unlikely to be successful! Last minute appoitnemtns probably aren't really an option for me as i work 13hr shifts in a different hospital to that which i have been referred. I just feel so let down by the whole thing!!


Please don't give up hope of having a baby. I am only recently diagnosed with endometriosis but I am quite sure I have had it since I was 13 and now I am 36. I do have 2 children I just seem unable to have anymore, I have tried for 3 years. When I had my laproscopy they decided not to treat me as its so widespread I need to wait for someone more specialist. The consultant was so understanding though and said he would do his best to help me and would be happy to give me drugs and anything else that would help excluding IVF as I already have children. I think he takes a lot of pride in restoring fertility. Hopefully you will end up with a nice caring team to help you too.

If you could stretch to it it's probably worthwhile paying for initial private consultation like the other lady suggested to cut down your waiting time. You might find once you have been seen things start moving faster for you.

I really hope you manage to somehow get seen sooner, let us know how you get on.



Hi, have you considered paying privately for the consultation? This can allow you to skip the waiting time and then be referred back to NHS afterwards. I realise it may not be possible financially but it is a way to be seen quicker xx


Oh i didn't realise you could be referred NHS after private consultation, Would depend how much it would cost i guess, as much as i love the NHS it isn't acceptable to have to wait 11 months!


Yeah I think you just ask for a referral from your GP but say you want to pay, I'm not 100% how much it is but I think it's around £250 (that's how much I paid to see a gastroenterologist privately) then they can refer you back afterwards for surgery. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to ask for a referral myself!


Hi all,

Just needed some hope, or maybe shoulders. Had IVF done recently an just befre my test date af has come on full blown. Been up all night crying as i just see no other way. Im 30 have endo too, an only one ovary as one was removed without my knowledge due to a cyst. I have no children an just lost all hope. Still waiting for pregnancy test day although i know af has come on. Just feel so let down :( x


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