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How long do you usually have to wait for your follow up appointment after a laparoscopy?

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Hello, I had key hole on the 20th of September was told when I woke up I had endo and am being referred to a specialist but I still haven't had anything in the post or seen anyone at all yet. The only stuff I know is what I've researched about endo online, Ive tried calling my gyno and doctors but they keep saying they will find out and then I hear nothing from them. Am I just being impatient or should I have seen someone by now? Thanks in advance :) x

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Hi I had my lap on the 31st of oct I got a letter with my appointment for the 16th of dec. I think they like to give you at least 6 weeks after so you should have gone through a whole cycle to see how you are getting on. I have paid to go private so my appointment is pretty quick I guess NHS could easily be double this... On the other hand I would keep phoning up and check as when my mum had her hip replaced and didn't get a follow , it turned out the hospital had lost her notes. X

Hiya, I had my lap on the 16th Oct where they found and removed endo, I have just got my follow up appointment today on 11th Dec and I've had mine through NHS. I agree with the above that they are probably giving you chance to go through your cycle. Also, different areas may have shorter/longer waiting times, I know it's frustrating but try not to worry hopefully they'll be in contact in the next few weeks.

Hey Bryony,

I was told to expect mine 4-6 weeks after my lap so I would think you should have been seen to by now. Also - my hospital lost the letter/note to book a follow up so I never heard anything either - called at 5 weeks to enquire (then complain) - they weren't very helpful until I got upset and started talking about all the pain I was in. Then suddenly I got a call back within half an hour to say it had been booked and a couple of days later an appt letter to confirm! I would chase if I were you, you are the one suffering and they have a duty of care to you to progress things.


Thanks for all the reply's!

I still cant get through to my gyno but will defiantly keep trying, my doctor is not much use at the minute and keeps telling me to speak to the gyno which isn't surprising considering after my op I had to go in about something unrelated and my doctor wasn't even told I had my surgery all they knew was that i was being referred! Really getting fed up to be honest.

i was told 6 months to wait, but i got a call after 3 months to bring it forward, they told me that it can take up to 6 months to heal properly, but i was glad to see them earlier just to talk and make a plan, i would defiantly phone to see if you can see someone soon x

Thanks Becca, was you told this after Surgery? I came around from my op was told by the surgeon that I had endo told someone would be in touch and that's it I've had no letter, calls or appointments since! Every time I call the hospital I get sent from the main switchboard to an answer phone message and noone calls back!

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