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How long after op did you have a follow up appt?


I had my 1st lap back in Dec, I still don't know much about the results apart from aspiration of a fimbrial cyst, & drainage of my tubes I don't know if any endo was found, but consultant said it was probable due to a TV scan showing a chocolate cyst & uterus being stuck to something :s,anyway..a month ago I had a rectal EUS, which came back clear. So today I received a Letter for a consultation follow up in August, does it really take this long after a lap to find out what's what? Confused! TIA =)

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That does sounds an awfully long time!! My lap was at start of May and I was told the follow up consultation wld be in 3 months. August is not too long now tho. Hope you get the answers u are looking for x

Maybe it's an area thing =/ thanks for replying :)

Yes maybe it is. I'm in Scotland, where are u?

I'm in Wales (Cardiff), being passed between 2 hospitals :/ as you said August is not far off anyway.

IM in hull and we don't get follow up appointments you got to go back tho your gp. Good way clear waiting lists! Always had follow up in London and Derby when had laposcopes. Good luck :)

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