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How long roughly do you wait for a Diagnostic Laparoscopy...

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I was referred to a gyne consultant Monday 18th Feb 19, my gyne appointment was 22nd Feb 19 so I’ve been very lucky to have been seen so quickly. I signed the consent form and spoke about the procedure with the consultant but I can help but now I can’t stop thinking about how long I’m going to be waiting for it to be done?

I’m so fed up of being in pain!👎🏻

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Depends what part of the country you are in, different places you can expect to wait longer. Im in Northern Ireland, and it took me around 8 months of waiting, simply because I went private with my gynae and was then offered a cancellation spot. If you know what hospital you’d be going through try ringing to see if they have cancellations

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Wow really, I’m from the UK I’ve seen 18 weeks is the maximum time for the waiting times & I will try ringing in a week or so thank you for the help!

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No probs, just after my gynae visit I received a health questionnaire from the hospital which advised me I would be seen within 14 weeks, which obviously wasn’t the case. So just be prepared to wait a lot longer, especially as waiting times on the nhs are horrible at the moment. Good luck!

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Praying it’s not too long the pain is awful😭finger crossed, thank you😊

I’ve waited nearly 7 months and having my laproscopy tomorrow but it’s been brought forward as an emergency as I was admitted to hospital with suspicion of my ovary being twisted by my dermoid cyst.

I'm in the West Midlands and waited 4 months. I would have been waiting who knows how much longer though because I had an urgent non-routine appointment with a new gynaecologist who happened to have an empty list coming up so booked me in. All I would say is to ask if there is a cancellations list and to try and not get your hopes up if you get a pre-op letter through the door by thinking the laparoscopy will follow soon. I had my pre-op 2 weeks before attending that unexpected appointment, and I still waited 6 weeks after my pre-op for my admission which, as I say, would probably have been much later had it not been for my gynaecologist suggesting it during a non-routine appointment.

Waiting for your laparoscopy feels like torture but I hope you don't have to wait too long - just remember that the fact you are on the waiting list is a huge relief in itself as your symptoms are definitely going to be investigated now. Hope you get the answers you're looking for.

Thank you! I’m just waiting for the pre-op letter I’ve been told it shouldn’t be much longer and then they’ll get me in for my lap, been in soo much pain and I still am now I’m trying to fight constantly ending up in the a&e department in agony..I really appreciate your reply it’s helped thank you again.

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I'm glad you've had some reassurance - fingers crossed for you!

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