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Finally have my appointment at UCHL Endo Centre- what to expect?

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in 2013 after laparotomy to remove large chocolate cyst. One of my ovaries was removed during this op too. I was told that 'everything was stuck together' but no details as to how far the endo had spread.I was advised to start having zoladex injections and that was pretty much it. A hysterectomy was mentioned but I wasn't given much advice or support. I was told I could try to have another child after a course of zoladex but that no assistance would be given to conceive, which I understood completely as I already have 2 young children.

I asked for a referral to uclh after reading about it on here. Finally have an appointment this week. I am there pretty much all day- 3 appointments in one day. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this and if so what to expect?

I am due my 5th round of zoladex this month via my gp and have had the usual symptoms of hot flushes etc but also awful fatigue, very achey joints and my memory has gone kaput ( I forget the silliest things- if it isn't written down I will forget it!).

Nervous but excited too about this appointment, my GP hasn't been very helpful or knowledgeable just seemed happy to defer to the local consultant's advice.

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How long have you had to wait for your initial appointment ?


Hi- I asked to be referred at the beginning of Oct 2013 got a letter with appt date in jan 2014


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