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Any experience/results with alternative therapies?

If any of you have experiences to share it would be much appreciated! I have tried an independent nutritionist (bad experience - one session cost me £100 and the only thing she recommended which has been of any use is Epsom salts!) and am about to go for my second acupuncture session this week. The first session didn't seem to have much of an effect but I am told you need to have a course of at least 6 before getting results and have heard very good things. Also thinking of giving aromatherapy a go, even if it only means popping a bit of essential oil in the bath along with some Epsom salts. Any thoughts?? Rach x

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Hi Sparkleghost, I've not tried a lot but struggling with the synthetic hormones and considering trying things a more natural way! I recently saw a dietician and what a waste of time that was! She basically told me that I was eating fine, maybe should eat a bit more... Luckily didn't have to pay for that (the NHS requested it in the first place hoorah). I've heard talks by nutritionists and they've been quite helpful, found some things out that would help my pain through diet control like cutting out wheat and dairy, but it can be real tough! I'm not into acupuncture. Many girls I know find that massaging helps, though personally I find it can hurt quite a lot so that's personal preference. It's so difficult to know what is worth it. I guess it depends what result you're hoping to get from it?! Are you trying to go treatment free? X

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How have you found cutting out wheat and dairy, do you feel it has helped a lot? I have read that we shouldn't eat soy because of phytoestrogens and as my fiancée is vegetarian I'm already a bit restricted! I have heard a lot about the "endo diet", but wouldn't really know where to start. I know exactly what you mean about it being hard to know what to try and what is worth it! If you haven't tried Epsom salts I would really recommend them, I just tip a bit into the bath and it really helps relax my muscles and eases the pain (until I get out, anyway!). At the moment, pain relief aside, I am treatment free because I finished a course of pro stap back in May and was told there is nothing they can do until I have my first post pro stap period - I'm still waiting but the pain sure has come back! I would love a solution that didn't rely on synthetic hormones though, I'm sick of them messing with my moods, skin and weight. I guess ideally I would hope to reduce my symptoms to a more manageable level, then support that with pain relief when needed. At the moment, seems like I am on pain relief almost all the time and it doesn't always help. :( X


I have struggled to cut them out but I've cut down and it's helped a bit. My worst trigger points are alcohol and wheat. If I have a lot of dairy I notice it too. My husband is lactose intolerant so we use lactofree milk now, and I use coconut milk if I feel I've had too much dairy. I swapped normal pasta for wheat free pasta (the Tesco version is actually not too bad!). I haven't tried Epsom salts, thanks so much for the recommendation - where do you get them from?

Ooh how was prostap? I'm on zoladex at the moment but I'm not sure I'm going to complete the course as mentioned earlier I don't like what I'm doing to my body. It's not for everyone but have you tried TENS? It's a little machine with electrodes that you put on your back or abdo and it sends electro pulses which help to stop the brain receiving pain messages. not everyone can cope with them (e.g. if you have a pacemaker or palpitations etc) but I've found mine to be so helpful! Otherwise I use hot water bottles and heat patches. I think you can get creams etc that are natural hormones which are supposed to be better for you but I don't know a lot about them...

I feel your struggle with the pain relief. I often find it affects my brain and coordination before it hits the pain. Sometimes it just doesn't get it at all! Hope you manage to find something that works for you. There are many places you can look for guidance on the endo diet. People recommended to me a book by Henrietta Norton, as apparently the recipes in there are quite tasty. Haven't got around to buying it yet though...X


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