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Any Provera experiences

My Gynae consult today suggested trying Provera as well as non stop pills to see if this affects my pain. He thinks that the adenomyoma found on ultrasound cannot be causing pain every day only during periods or pill free weeks. I am to have a lap as he feels the fact that a previous lap found adhesions to my bowel means I probably have endo as a healthy pelvis does not grow adhesions. He has also suggested the polycistic ovary found on ultrasound could be caused by endo or adhesions. Gynae are now contacting colo-rectal as they have me on their list for a lap to check for adhesions (at my insistence) so that they can possibly link up or can call Gynae in if they find anything.

Has anyone gotten any relief from Provera? Any side effects? I have constant low level pain which feels like pressure on my stomach. I get stronger pains at times as well as massive spasms which come out of the blue. Everything is worse when on my pill free week. changing pills seemed to lift symptoms but 3 weeks in and they are coming back again.

Head is spinning as I expected to go in and be treated for the adenomyoma only to be told it's probably more than just that.

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Hi, I've just had my first lap 3 weeks ago, diagnosed with ENdo and adeno, my surgeon told me that he thinks my symtoms, (which are daily aches and pains in pelvis groin, hip, back, legs bum, ) are caused by my adeno, so he didn't think that I would get much relief after him excising my Endo from behind my uterus and ligament . He was right as I'm no different now to before the lap and endo treatment

It's very annoying that these doctors tell us different things,

I'm going back today for follow up, he has mentioned a hysterectomy,

What makes your doc think that adeno dosnt cause daily pain is a mistery, and wronge,

I'll let you no the out come of my appointment latter.

Does your gyne specialise in endo and adeno??



It's an NHS gynae but his private profile says endo and laproscopic specialist. I was thinking about asking my GP to transfer me to a special centre but I am worried this would be difficult and the wait time longer plus there is the travelling and time off work issues


My consultant is a nhs gyne too, and his profile States that he specialising in endo adeno and laps

Judging by what I've researched adeno can certainly cause pain daily,

What symtoms do you get??

Mines like a duel ache constantly there since September, and lots of hot hard pulling pushing pain, sharp pain up bum, heavy legs and twinges down inside thighs, hips feel like being pulled apart, tired and nauseous Al the time?

It's very frustrating that we have been told different exspecially as the two guns specialise in this disease,




I always have a dull, heavy ache, like a cat sitting on my stomach. this can vary from low level to quite uncomfy and annoying. I get sudden onset pains like stabbing burning cramps - like period or upset stomach pain but they don't produce anything but pain These can last a minute up to days and if they are bad they leave lingering pain. Sometimes it feels like someone is attacking my cervix, like a smear but constant. I am tired a lot, nausea that I am not sure is linked to pain but it makes me not eat and I have lost a bunch of weight.

I have a feeling that Drs go on the research when they train and then don't bother further reading on things they don't see often. I mean there doesn't even seem much on Google Plus everything I read is moans about Drs saying it is IBS and adenomyosis doesn't cause pain all month.

I should be on the list for a lap already as colo-rectal agreed to do one in case I have adhesions again so gynae are going to try and link up I'm going to call the waiting list next week to see if the gynae letter has kicked colo-rectal into giving me a date. at present as colo-rectal is "routine" I am looking at months of waiting.


I was diagnosed with endometriosis in November 2013 when I had a laparoscopy following a referral from my GP. I had always had problems with my periods when I started at 11 but pretty much put up with the pain until I had a lump. The lump became v.painful just before my periods and it was due to the amount of endo in the pouch of douglas. Following my laparoscopy, I was advised to go on provera for 6 months to stop my periods, the plan was to then try for children.

Provera did come with some side effects and at the time I couldn't wait to come off them but now my periods are back in full force following a miscarriage in February, I'd rather have the side effects of provera! Obviously everyone is different and they may not effect you the same. I suffer with depression and anxiety anyway but I was very edgy, agitated, irritable and wanted to bite everyone's head off! I also had nausea, and constantly felt cold and shivered. On the plus side, my periods stopped so my lump did not appear until I came off them (they were unable to remove all endo due to delicate area) My back ache, fatigue and tummy pains were also much improved. I hope this helps but make sure you discuss everything with your specialist and family before making any decisions (I warned everyone I may be bit more irritable than normal!)

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Thanks for the feedback. I have scheduled a GP appointment to discuss the Provera as when I read the information online it says to be used with caution if patients have a history of depression, sadly I had serious depression in my late teens and early twenties and I don't want to go back there. Consultant did tell me any side effects stop when you stop taking the Provera so it may be a case of try it and see. My husband is going to come to the GP and then we'll discuss and decide together as he will need to be my monitor and also the one to pick up the pieces of I slide toward depression.

I am currently period free as when I changed over the new pills said to start off the back of the other and the Consultant said to continue this for 6 months but to take the Provera on top of it.


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