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Has anyone had any luck with natural/alternative therapies and treatments?


I'm new to this and wondered if there are any natural ways to heal Endometriosis that have worked for you?

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I took Agnus castus for just over a year and it helped with some of my symptoms...... devil's claw is another one to look at or depending on your age black cohosh.

Emmaet in reply to plotments

Thanks so much plotments 🙏🏼

Hi I’ve definitely seen my symptoms reduce after making dietary changes. I recommend doing a food intolerance blood test to see what might be causing you inflammation.

Also, I had reflexology a few times last month and it seems to have made a real difference to my periods this month so I’m going to continue with that.

I would add if you are trying alternatives to just try one or two new things every month to see what works for you. I made the mistake of trying everything all at once and then having to back track and work our what to stop doing. Alternative medicines can get pricey with supplements and reflexology, acupuncture, pelvic physio etc etc

I hope you find something that works for you

This is really helpful Harriet_health thank you! 💓

I use an aloe supplement, a quercetin supplement, cramp bark, and osteopathic manipulation to manage my symptoms (I’m really blessed that my wife is a US-trained osteopathic family medicine specialist, so she does a nerve distraction technique and a pelvic alignment technique for me most weeks). This did start working better for me once more conventional medicine had stopped my bleeding using norethindrone acetate.

I’m also seeing a naturopath to try to get my gut health in order - I have a feeling that’s going to take months to take effect. She had me do the food intolerance test someone else mentioned, so that might be worth considering. I already tried giving up gluten with no effect and I’d cut out some other foods, but the test detected some healthy foods that might be causing issues, such as garbanzo beans and bananas.

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RedbudTree This is super helpful thank you for sharing ☺️

RedbudTree in reply to Emmaet

Also I just got an Ovira TENS unit and I’m so excited to report that it really does manage my pain! It’s small enough to wear under my clothes and one charge can last 8-10 hours. Hello pain control without pharmaceutical medication.

I also got a recent report that I have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, which can worsen some pelvic pain symptoms. I’m going to try to get that under control and see if I feel better.


So although I am taking pain relief due to a flare at the moment I've found that peppermint oil capsules has helped with bowel problems if you suffer, magnesium to help with any leg pain or back pain it supposedly helps the muscles relax xx

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bonnieclyde97 Thanks so much for your recommendation! Really appreciate it 😀

Hey Emmaet

I have recently "embarked" on a journey to try and manage my symptoms naturally and it is still early days to speak about any results but happy to share a list of things I am currently trying:

1. Diet - I was a veggie for over 3 years and then I started getting extremely tired, etc. - done some blood tests and found out I had low iron. Even though I ate lots of pulses (which did not 100% agree with me) it seems I needed additional sources of iron so I started eating fish - this was all before my endo diagnosis but I suspect it was already "lurking in the background". Currently I try eating healthy which in my mind means (lots of fruit and veg, lots of leafy greens, etc.) I avoid eating too many raw foods (obviously salads and fruits aside) as I find cooked food is easier to digest. I tried elimination diets before and realised bread sometimes makes me bloated also. I do occasionally have good quality sourdough and never supermarket bread. Sugar is also a definite no. I do eat cultured dairy (organic yoghurt, kefir) but no milk. No coffee or strong caffeinated tea for me either (makes me anxious).

!!! Water intake - I have been suffering from chronic anxiety and stress and noticed that if I drink more it actually makes me feel better in the longer run (just flushing stress "toxins" out of the system). I also avoid drinking very cold water even in hot weather - sticking to room temperature in summer and warm in winter.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicines - I found a doctor locally (in Brighton) who is pretty well known globally and treats many conditions - his main specialism is skin problems and my original symptoms actually started with a skin rash in abdominal area before the endo pain manifested itself. I must admit his treatments are really expensive and I am giving it a go for 6 months. Might not be for everyone (expensive and taste dreadful) but I was determined not to go on hormonal therapy - not sure if it's the right decision, we'll see. Been taking medicines for 4 months and changes I noticed (better circulation - I no longer have heaviness in my legs; I don't bruise as much as I used to; pain-wise I did not notice much difference at least up until now).

3. Exercise - I have been neglecting this part for a while but realised that no supplements or herbal remedies will ever work alone. I now do very basic doing tai chi vimeo.com/6948511 and yoga iynaus.org/sites/iynaus_fil...

4. Mind - I try and meditate as regularly as I can but I often slip into doing other things and just forgetting to do it regularly - but when I stick to it I definitely feel happier and calmer. This includes silent sitting whenever my mind is not too anxious or just dancing to some nice music for say 20 minutes and then doing silent sitting if my mind is too "active"

5. Supplements - I am not taking anything apart form vitamin C at present but might try the things recommended by other people in this thread. Typically I try and get my vitamins from food in summer and then start supplementing late autumn onwards (I used to take B12 and iron but now that I am eating fish and dairy I see no need - if I ever try vegan I will be taking those two supplements for sure).

Obviously these are the things that I just felt I should be doing. Might not work for everyone. One thing to note though - regularity and consistency is key. I am now keeping a diary of my food intake, exercise and how I feel to give me a more objective picture.

Good luck and feel well!!

Pycogenol,magnesium citrate for pain

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