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Anxiety attacks

Hi All,

I had my lap on 21st Feb and have been recovering really well since then, until the last 4-5 days when I’ve been feeling very sick, very dizzy and like there’s a tight knot of something below my diaphragm. This has gradually got worse until last night when I essentially had panic attacks non stop all night with hot and cold sweats and severe nausea (I’ve never thrown up so often with nothing in my stomach!) I’ve therefore had no sleep

I’ve never suffered from anxiety before but the way I was feeling early in the night made me think it was anxiety, but then being so very ill with flu-like symptoms made me think it was just ill.

My OH and I are hoping it’s a post op infection rather than anxiety, if it’s anxiety I don’t think I can get through another night feeling like that

Has anybody experienced anything remotely similar?

Thanks guys

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I think you should see a healthcare professional about this. It could be a number of things, it sounds like more than anxiety to me, when we have an infection or illness the symptoms can very similar to those of an anxiety attack as our bodies go into survival mode.

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Thank you - I’m going to my GP this afternoon. Just scared they’ll fob me off! Thank you for your reply 😊

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I know what you mean, I'm seeing Gp tomorrow and I already think I'm going to be up against the usual responses. It's a new gp so maybe I'll get heard this time!


How are you Vixylix?


Thanks for asking runninggirl. I am now doing really well, turns out that I was not before!!

I was entirely unaware beforehand obviously but I have since been diagnosed with Addison’s disease - it turns out the sypmtoms I had were actually my body in adrenal shock from the general anaesthetics. I’ve been very poorly and have been in hospital since Monday night, but I’m ginally coming out the other side.

I was extremely lucky that both my GP referred me straight into hospital and that the doctor I had on first submission was on the ball and tested me for all sorts of obscure things it could be.

Ladies reading this - please don’t be scared for your ops, it’s a very rare condition affecting very few people - and the NHS website is a very interesting read!

Living with 2 serious lifetime conditions is going to be challenging for me, but I’m excited I now have the strength to deal with it going forwards.

Thank you runninggirl - you helped me so much more than you realise. Your reply gave me to confidence to push the GP for a medical response rather than fobbing me off with anxiety, which in reality could actually have killed me. So you may have helped save my life!! Thank you 😊


So glad to hear you’re OK.

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