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Anyone had epidural / spinal block for pelvic pain?


I'm seeing a new pain consultant tomorrow, after the last one saw me once for a few minutes, said I should stop morphine and discharged me.

Pretty much the only thing I haven't tried is epidurals / nerve block injections and I'm guessing they may suggest this. I'm worried about this for a few reasons: I am terribly scared of needles, but mainly I'm worried that it won't work and they'll insist I stop the painkillers and I'll be in a mess.

Is it possible to have pain after one of these, or will it definitely stop the pain? Obviously I would love that, but I am anxious about being left in pain with no pain relief if it doesn't work. If it is that effective, why don't they use it more? And wouldn't an epidural make my legs etc numb? Sorry if I'm being ignorant, I know very little about it.

My appointment is at 10:15 tomorrow so if anyone can help before then, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks :)

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I havent had this procedure before but would be interested in hearing what your consultant said as its sonething which I may need to have and know little about.

Hope your appointment goes well.


cupcakegirl in reply to arch1234

Thanks for replying. It went very well compared to the last one - basically he just agreed with my assessment that I've tried pretty much everything, am doing my best and that any reduction in my morphine needs to be done at my pace.

He did suggest either a caudal epidural or a ganglion impar block but I said I wanted to think about it - he advised me to do my own research and see him again in two-three months.

He didn't say much, just that he couldn't guarantee it would help and that it's only temporary but can be repeated. He said the risks were minor, but I've already read about the possibility of the dura being punctured - I read a message here from a lady who had permanently damaged vision after this happened and it wasn't spotted by the doctors and nurses.

I have a terrible fear of needles, made worse by a couple of accidents that involved a lot of stitches, and although I'm finally able to have a blood test without throwing up or passing out, the thought of this terrifies me. I'm really not sure if I can go through with it. I hope you come to the right decision for you.

If anyone else has any experiences of the procedure or the results, I'd love to hear from you. I don't want to miss out on something if it could massively improve my quality of life, but I'm anxious about going through something that traumatic and it not helping.


Hi, I have not had exactly the same block but did have a genito-femoral nerve block a few weeks ago. It didn't do much for me apart from straight afterwards which I assume was the local anaesthetic, I think it was worth a try though. I have a followup in a few months so not sure what is next.

I did have an epidural when in labour and you can't see what is happening because it is behind you, I didn't see a needle at all ! For the nerve block I did see the needles but they don't really bother me anyway, you could maybe ask for a sedative if you are really nervous. I carried on with my painkillers regardless, you don't need to stop them to have the procedure done.

Hope some of that helps, by the time you get to the pain clinic stage I think anything is worth a go. I was the same as you initially and put the block off because I wanted to do some research etc, I will now try anything!! xx

I had a spinal block after my eldest was born (she came out saluting and her elbow tore me badly!). It took a LONG time for my back to recover and when I had an osteopath appointment 2 years later, he felt that it was still causing problems.

I had a ganglion impar block last Wednesday which was done under sedation. Im happy to say, I didnt feel the needles at all. I woke up a while later and I was fine. So far the procedure seems to have worked, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I tend to see all these procedures as the "solution" to my problem, so it makes it a bit easier to endure. I wish you all the best. Stay strong.

Thanks ladies - sedation wasn't mentioned, I would be a lot more comfortable if that was an option (I had some dental treatment under IV sedation and it was fantastic).

This is literally the only thing I haven't tried - you name it, I've done it. The pain consultant did say that, if I do try it, not to get my hopes up as it doesn't work for everyone. I'm really in two minds about it, although if sedation is a possibility that would be one problem solved.

I'll do some more research and see what he says at my next appointment.


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