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Should I be worried?

Hi Ladies,

I had a laparoscopy 2 weeks ago and have been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. They couldn't do much and only ended up draining a large cyst on my right ovary. I haven't been in any pain until last night. I have a constant dull pain and I get waves of intense pelvic pain. Almost like a burning. I'm not due a period and it not like that pain. Has any one else experienced this or have any idea what it could be?


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Hi , I can't really help with pain, but I'm assuming you had your lap with a general gynaecologist? If they've diagnosed stage 4 endo you need a referral to a BSGE specialist, who will then be able to excise the endo. Have a look at Lindle's post on treatment pathways etc. Good luck.


Thanks Jean. It was a BSGE specialist. I got referred from my gynae. I think I'm just a bit worried I may have an infection. I'll wait it out over the weekend to see if it goes away.


Hi Hun , I'm glad you're at a centre. Was this you're diagnostic lap ? And do you know if further surgery is planned?


That's like the pain I get but I have not been diagnosed yet. Waiting for laparoscopy. The pain is just awful isn't it!

What did they say they could do for the endo?


Do they remove your endo during surgery? Mine was 10 weeks ago and I am in more agony now than the first week after the op so I am wondering if its the healing process that is more painful xxx


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