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No bowel movement after laparoscopy?


I had a laparoscopy on 31 August and had difficulty passing urine. thankfully that has now passed, but I am still unable to have a bowel movement despite eating normally, and I am starting to get a huge bowel! Is this normal?

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Are you passing wind? The last time I had surgery they weren't worried about me actually going to the loo so long as I was passing wind.

Can you have a word with your chemist to see if there is something that might help move things along?

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Hi Chrissie66, yes I am passing wind occasionally but my doctors and nurses didn't mention anything about that either, Thanks for the info though!

I have the same prob every time I have a general anaesthetic. Something to do with generals and lots of painkillers = constipation.

TC x

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That would make sense, thanks for the info!

You need to get your backlogged bowel moving. It could have bunged up from surgical reasons, from pain meds which constipate you, from inactivity while you were recovering from surgery etc. Or all of the above, but it certainly is not helping you in any way to remain clogged up. I did have a bowel movement on day 4 after my op, and some ladies do take longer, but you are right to be concerned and considering doing something to help shift things along if nature doesn't sort you out in the next 48 hrs.

You can take lactulose or other laxatives in the top end, or use suppositories up the other end if needs be, to help get things back to how they should be. Suppositories can be very useful if you feel you have already filled up the pipe work and can't take in much more food now.

I know it is tough after ops to keep pottering around and movind your body regularly without causing a bit of pain, but you really will help yourself and your recovery to keep regularly active. Aim for a short stroll round the house every hour or so. Perhaps a short walk down the road and back in the morning and evening if you can manage that. Nothing over strenuous but keep moving in a gentle way and you will help keep the circulation in check

and keep your intestines from backing up and getting constipated again once you have cleared the current problem.

This is especially important if you are still on pain meds as the pain relief they use in hosp after surgery is known to give you constipation and strong meds you might be taking at home can do the same. So keep drinking plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated and yes it will mean more loo trips but that is good exercise and should help with the bowel too.

If you have a shopping trip planned and someone going with you, then pop in to the chemists for lactulose syrup or if you prefer and actually it is better for getting things moving again- go for a pack of disposable rubber gloves, and a box of glycerol suppositories. Most big supermarkets sell the gloves near babies nappy section, and the glycerol suppositories in the pharmacy section. (sounds icky- but they really are the best thing for getting things shifted. Though my advice is you must hold the pellet thing inside you for as long as you possibly can, even though you will feel the need to go loo in about 1 hour, try and hold off heading for the loo right away, the longer you leave it working the better it will work.

The glycerol causes the bowel to suck in water from surrounding tissues and that breaks down the poop so it moves easier. The more that comes out the better.

Then have a rest for 24 hrs and try again the next day and again the day after that.

By end of 3 days, most of the back log will have move out and you should be able to get back to normality.

Try not to wait too long before doing something about it, as it only gets worse with each meal and more uncomfy or worrying. Best of Luck.

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Hi. Thanks so much for your reply! I will definitely try something in the next couple of days if it doesn't shift because it is starting to get to that point now where it is uncomfortable. I don't mind taking either suppositories or laxatives, I think we have both in the house anyway! I am mostly concerned about damaging my stitches with the pressure it is pushing out.

It was 7 or 8 days after my lap before I went, I took laxido to keep things soft, if you're taking codeine that will make you constipated xx

they are not gentle with you in surgery, and would have had to move/touch your bowel whilst looking inside you. might be a bit psychological.....going for a poo and it hurting etc. just relax. don't think about it. drink plenty of water, eat sensibly, and nature will take it's course. you could also talk to a pharmacist.....they might be able to recommend something like fybogel. take things easy :o)

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