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Finally got surgery results!

Ladies... After havign surgery in June I finally saw my consultant this morning and now have my results. I don't have Endomitriosis... but I do have a cyst on my right ovary which is causing my fertility problems and the horrendous pain. He also said my uterus was slightly bulky and that a cystectomy was performaned. Any ideas what this means? Any help much appreciated xxx

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A cystectomy means they removed the cyst. which is good news.

The bulky uterus is another matter while it might be that you just have a bulky uterus with thick muscles it might also be a sign you have the sister condition of endo, called adenomyosis or adeno for short.

very similar to endo, but the adeno cells can grow in the uterus muscle walls and bleed each month in there (just like endo does) and the bleeding has no where to escape to and it swells up the uterus muscles causing it to appear bulky and it hurts.

If your pain subisdes a lot by having the angry cyst removed and your periods settle back to normal again then you are probably fine, if you still have bad periods with lots of pain and heavy bleeding even after the cyst has gone, then i would suggest you look in the direction of adeno being a possibility.

Luckily it is something which can be sorted out for most women, by having the uterus removed. You can still keep your ovaries. And even then having the uterus removed is the last line of treatment and there are other things you can try first to reduce symptoms.

If you do think it might be adeno, then there is a super website with all you need to know, or rather pretty much everything there is to know about adeno.


Very pleased to hear it is not endometriosis though, and it is surprising just how much trouble one cyst can cause you. Hope you are on the mend and sending wishes for a very hasty recovery.


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