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I had my lap op on the 1st July had a lot of endo removed during it. Still in lots of pain but i was wondering how long has anyone elses wounds taken to heal up and stitches to dissolve? One has dissolved and sorry but it scabby but belly button still has a bit of the stitches in it and still has a wee bit of blood and lower abdomen one still red and still has the stitches. They are still really sore and if you touch round them to clean them or check them my skin hurts like hell almost like the feeling you get if you burn yourself. Has anyone else had this? Im due to go to GP this week due to pains and now being rather depressed on top of it all.

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  • Yes, I had my op on the 14th June and I too had a lot of endo removed, I'm still getting pains around my wounds, especially my belly button, I was glued, it has all dissolved now but I still look like I'm pregnant and on top of my pain around the wounds I'm getting a lot of pain in my lower back, thighs and knees, much worse than I used to get it before the op. Went to see my doctor last week, he has contacted the hospital where I had it done (as I'm not due to go back and see them in January) as he doesn't know how to advise me best, just waiting to hear from them now. It does get you down but just keep going back to your docs or contact the hospital where you had it done as you shouldn't have to feel like this. Hope all goes well at the docs X

  • I have always had leg and back pains but i do have to admit ive now have more pains in my left leg when i was always my right that was worse. I went to my docs week after my op to collect a sick line but she wanted to see me just to see how i was that was fine i had to go back following week as my temp was firing up and down unfortunately couldnt see her had to see one of the others and i swear if i had had the energy i wouldve punched him. He pressed my stomach and around my wounds so hard i was crying. He told me i just had pains because i was constipated which im not and told him that but nope that was why i had pains, the op wouldnt be effecting me still (i wont be seeing him again) I am going back to the only female GP in the practice this week. I cant get over how floored i have been from this op, it is my first ever op so i didnt know what to expect or how long it takes to heal especially when youve had endo removed. I did read somewhere on here the other night about how the op can cause more pains than previously had as they only removed what they can and any under lying endo that they cannot see starts up and comes to surface also that it feeds on scar tissue cause by ops. I never knew this at all and if i didnt read posts on here i prob wouldnt have found out.

    Hope you get something back from the hospital that helps you, im due back on the 18th September so ive not too long to wait to go back.

    Hope all goes well for you take care xx

  • Some doctors just don't seem to understand. My doctor was great last week because he said it annoys him how we don't(as patients) get given the information and after care that used to be given. I had to travel over 2 hours for my op as my gynae hospital could not deal with the extensive endo I had, so unfortunately I can't just nip there for advice and support. I did phone them but I have never heard back, but that doesn't surprise me as they couldn't wait to get rid of me! Thanks for the information about pains after surgery, I will read up on it.

    It's great being able to talk on here. Take care and good luck with your female doctor X

  • Im 45-60mins drive to the hospital so not so easy either. Seems like youve got an understanding doctor thats good. The hospital i was in was the same soon as i was awake and had a bit of toast they were like right ok ill leave you to get dressed and left me. What a joke that was i just had to sit there til a nurse popped her head in to see if i was ok i was like can i get some help please. They wouldnt let my partner through to help me through out to the car either he wasnt happy about that.

    Its defo worth reading up, the things i have found out that i wasnt told before is crazy.

    Thank you :) hopefully it will go well xx

  • my three wounds all healed at different rates. the ones i was worried about was the lower one and the belly button one (i'm over weight so i was worried they wouldn't get much air lol) the one on the left side i thought would be the best, but it turns out the low one under my belly healed really fast, my belly button was ok, the one i thought would be the best ended up being the worst, i think it probably snagged on my clothes (wish i had kept it covered for longer now) but anyway the scab fell off, all this green goo came out and then it left a big hole, my gp said just keep it clean and covered and it was fine but took a lot longer to heal, around six weeks, the other two have gone skin colour but the side one still looks purple and angry. also, i will add that all my pains were much more worse after my lap, for around several weeks, i think its just where you get messed about with but i think its quite normal for pain to intensify for a little while after, and if you've had endo removed that will make for more pain too. and i will add it took me about 5 weeks to feel back to how i felt pre lap (as in the same pain) i had no endo removed as they said too much and recommended a hysterectomy, emotionally i took much longer to get over it - there are too many women that say they are back to work the day or two after a lap, good for them is all i can say, but we're not all like that so don't feel pressurised to get back to normal asap, just listen to your body xx

  • Thanks for you reply, im finding that as well. Had people say to me oh i was back to work within 4 weeks after a lap op you cant be that sore and when youve got one of your doctors telling you as well it makes you feel rather stupid (couldnt think of another word for it) . Ive kept my wounds covered up as i have a dog and so far hes been really good and not jumped all over me but knowing my luck as soon as i took them he would and they would get caught. Ive never had the pain down my left leg like this is has always been my right leg but my knee is hurting like ive got bad tooth ache. My bf step mother keeps telling me im a slow healer and i spoke to her last night and she was you still sore from it like im not allowed to be. Im taking it easy and not pushing my body as even going about the house then if i stand to talk to my folks im out of breathe which is crazy xx

  • i did keep mine covered longer than recommended due to having dogs, and although the house and me is clean, there is dog hairs so i feared one getting in whilst it was still weepy. and its totally not crazy what you said, its not a competition as to who feels the worst or gets better the quickest as some might think it is, i didnt attempt driving for three weeks, and when i did i drove about a mile and was in agonies and drove back home, but i always suffered driving before anyway, but i didnt drive again until we changed our car to an automatic. but things will still be a bit all over the place for you at the moment, but you will probably find in about 2-4 wks that you suddenly do start feeling a bit more normal and better xx

  • Ive not even attempted to drive yet, i share a car with my dad as mine was smashed up for me last year and insurance never paid out so still saving oh joys. I can normally drive and hour at most then im in serious pains but since op i havent even bothered and i have thought about getting an automatic to help as my pains are worse on my left side so putting in the clutch always hurt. I hope i do, im normally active out with the dogs and ive got a horse as well so normally hours with her going away out when i could. Ive managed round to see her with my dad driving me and she looks at me like whats happening why arent we going out, sounds daft when i read that back but any animal person will know what im talking about. All i can do is go at my bodies pace and not push it. I checked my belly button a moment ago and not sure if it looks as neat/clean as it did yesterday. Not to be horrid but the bottom of the stitches on the wound has a kind of white scab appeared not sure what that is. xx

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