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really odd question on job application form

Hi There

Ive move to cornwall from Oxford and am applying for jobs.Ive just downloaded an application form from a nursing home and one of the the questions on it was......how heavy are your periods and how painful are they?I couldnt believe it !!!!!is this normal practise for employers to ask this ?ive been in the same job for 15 years so this is new to me!!Im on zoladex at present so this isnt an issue but had i filled it in 6 months ago i would not have stood a chance!!

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Sex discrimmination case there methinks! I would reply "none of your business", and state that you will be seeking legal advice...


Well I didnt even continue with trying for that job it put me off some what and I knew I wouldnt stand a chance with my endo history,Its beyond comprehension as to how they think its ok to ask this!


Wow, never mind legal advice sent it to the local paper! Having applied for a lot of jobs I can confirm that's never been asked on any medical form and would be against equality and diversity!

Good luck with getting a job x


Definitely make someone aware of this - I would contact Unison or somewhere like that because I thought that under the 2010 Equality Act employers were only allowed to ask questions about medical conditions pre employment in certain circumstances. Such circumstances really should relate to a task that is intrinsic to the nature of the work, so if the job is about lifting heavy boxes all day it would be reasonable to ask if you have a medical condition that would affect this.

I have no legal training and this is just my impression of how the law stands at the moment.


See page 9, they cannot do this:


Contact the Equality and Human Rights Commission here: equalityhumanrights.com/abo...

If you really want the job, I'd complete the form and leave that section blank, then call them and politely say that you did not complete that part as you did not think it relevant, and mention that actually you don't think they're allowed by law to ask you that anyway.


Wow. Just.....wow!

I had a job interview once where they asked me if I was pregnant. I was 19 and very single and very shocked...

But this is a whole new level of crassness! I agree with the others, you need to let somebody know, although I wouldn't know where to start - Citizens Advice, maybe? If only to find out exactly how many laws they are breaking by asking that question...


Good grief! That's awful! I haven't applied for a job in many years but that's a new one on me! I would be livid! Hence all the exclamation marks it seems...


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