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Advice - Job Interview on Wednesday!

I need a bit of advice from someone that has been through this... I finished work back in November due to my Endo becoming too bad for me to be able to keep up with a job properly (was living off Codeine & constantly needing to sleep!) & not overly compassionate employers :-\ I had my 3rd op in December & at last the time has come for me to get back into things & I have an interview on Wednesday morning.....

What I would like to know is how much detail would be wise to go into?!! My endo seems to be reasonably well under control at the moment (I had the Coil fitted), although my periods still give me cramps & I do still randomly get cramps during the month, these are not a patch on what they were previously!

I have already had to say why I finished my previous job & no other questions were asked, but I do want to be prepared in case it comes up. I don't want to end up suddenly getting a flare-up down the line (hopefully won't happen) & finding myself in an awkward situation as they weren't properly aware!!

Hope someone can help.. sorry for the ramble xx

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I don't really know a definite answer for your question. But I thought you only had to disclose disabilities.

But I understand why you need to tell them why your left your previous job and wanting it not to be awkward later down the line.

Maybe you could print some pages from online about endometriosis in the work place.

Hope someone else has more knowledge on this. Also following this post.. it may come in handy for me in the future x


Thanks for your reply :-)

I had thought about maybe printing out some documents and just being armed with them in case any questions do come up... any ideas what ones might be a good option!?

Thanks x Will update tomorrow when it's all done! ;-)


At this stage, I'd be inclined not to say anything to them.

Let you and the interview do the hard sell without adding extra things to worry about at the moment.

If they ask why you left your last job, you could say that you had to have an op and your employers weren't supportive and that you decided to have a break to recover without having to stress about work. You could say that the op and further preventative measures have been put in place..I'd be very surprised if they wanted to go into full details there and then?!

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I already had to mention that I left work & why as the HR lady that called me to arrange the interview asked why I left my previous job, but she didn't make any more comment..... So they sort of know!

As you say.. I don't want to go into detail to 'scare' them away! Think I might go 'armed' with a document or 2 as carolineballard suggested in case they ask so that at least I'm prepared to give them some info if needs be :-)


This is a link to the endo UK documents, it is a link my endo nurse sent me a fee months ago.


And they shouldn't be able to discriminate against you. Good luck x


Thank you for that :-) I was so nervous before, I forgot to print anything out!

The lady was lovely - she did ask about why I'd left work, how many days off sick I'd had (ummm somewhere between 30-40...eeek!) & then asked how I'm doing now & seemed pleased when I told her the current situation...

Fingers crossed & now just the waiting game..... :-/


I hope you get the job! I have everything crossed for you.

I find working full time hard but on the other hand I think I would be climbing the walls if I was home for too long lol


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