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Home after my first lap

Hi everybody i had my first lap to diagnose and treat endo and to remove a 3cm cyst on my left ovary, I was booked in at 730am think i went into theatre about 11am and came round about 1350. My body temp was low and they put like a warm inflatable lilo thing on me to raise my temp. I also got some anti sickness drugs for the nausea and tramadol for the pain.

My partner came to visit me at 1500 due to visiting times on the ward. They told us they wanted to keep me in over night but nothing else. I asked a nurse if she knew what they had found during my lap and she looked at my notes and said they removed my cyst, flushed my tubes and unstuck my organs- all sounded good and my partner went home.

Later on my consultant came to see me and told me i had very severe endo and they couldn't remove it all, they had to cut it down and they have burnt some of it away but it is all over my ovaries and is affecting my fertility. I have been put on zoladex and livial for 6 months to reduce the endo and will have another lap after that to try to remove the rest and then they recommend we try for a baby but there is a possibility we might have to try IVF.

so feeling a bit sore and tired at the moment but just trying to stay positive and look after myself to get better i was prepared for the news i went to GP at the start of this and diagnosed myself and knew it would be severe. Hope everybody is having a good day this site is really important to me and thank you everybody for the support.

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Hi there, sorry to hear your news but its great you are being so positive, am sure it's not easy. The key thing is to rest up noe and look after yourself. I had my first operative lap in november and although i initially took 2 weeks off work, it took 4 weeks to go back and i was drained for sometime after. Just let yourself sleep if your body is telling you to do that. Take care of yourself xxx


I was diagnosed witg endo (finally afer 8yrs) last yr - & due for excisive lap this friday at stockport.

Hope you get well soon & hugs. Xxx



im so glad your ok and even though i am sorry its so severe i'm just glad they now have recovery plan,,,from now on you'll know what you're working towards...

hope you get better soon....there's and indian thing i have it helps the healing process..warm milk with sugar to sweeten and add 1/4 teaspoon of tumeric....it helps..it tastes ok and is drinkable but it does help ...


WELL DONE! you're being very very brave. Its awful receiving bad news but it sounds like you have a good consultant who's on the ball and has a plan for you!

I hope you have a fast recovery from your lap and can be home to your partner soon (for him to pamper and look after you!)

I wish you all the best with trying to conceive in the future!

I have had the hormone injections to induce the menopause to help reduce my endo too. I hope they help you! xx


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