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A thought for the Men that live with us and Endo

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU too all the great guys that stick by us.

Endo is a nasty Disease and has alot of problems to deal with for us but for our men they too have to suffer this disease if they love us then they suffer with us everytime they deal with us in bed in sooo much pain, when we cant move enought to evan make a cup of tea, when we are crying our eyes out with the pain or just the sadness of it all, if you are like me you feel guilty that you are not the person your partner first met and worrie he is wishing he was with someone that doesnt have health problems, my other half trys to reasure me that he loves me and only me and that no matter what happens he is not going anywhere which is sooo comforting to hear. he is great he does the washing, cooking he works, he makes me hot water bottles he collects my pills just sooo understanding and all of this with no sign of sex on the cards most of the time lol. most men would run a mile but if you are as lucky as me then please take the time to reply and say a biig thank you to your man.

Wishing you all a pain free time xx Debbie xx

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That's lovely Debbie! Mine is a star too, I'm infertile because of it and he has stood by me

Lilly x


Ah Debbie, that's fantastic. My husband is my world, I honestly don't know what I would do without him. I had surgery last week, bless him he nearly broke down in tears leaving me in the hospital when i went into theatre. He fights for me when i have no strength to fight for myself and he stands up for me against consultants when they want an easy way out. He has been looking after me this week (despite him being back at work) making sure everything i could possibly need is within my reach and making me promise to rest.

His commitment to me through it all leaves me speechless sometimes. To my dear man, I love you!!x


Morning Ladies,

I hope you are not in too much pain today?. I am so glad that you have great guys like mine it makes living with endo a little better knowing i have simon to be here for me. you know i look at myself when im about to get in the bath and i could cry, my body has changed so much, ive put on weight, got scars, when i move i feel like an old woman and and ask myself where have i gone ?

simon says he dont care how big i get which is nice to hear but I dont want to get big, move like im 80 and just wish i could just be me for a day but if i do try to have a drink or just let my hair down i suffer for the next 3 days. im due yet another surgery in Nov and im having a iliostomy done, i just hope i dont have to have it for long.

with all that said, every time i think of what i have to have done i feel warm inside as i know simon will be right there beside me to carry me through to the other side. xxxxx I love you so much si you are my everlasting love and friend xxxxxxxx


During my Endo experiences over the years, 3 partners have left me because they couldn't cope. Thankfully, I have now found an amazing guy that stuck with me despite having my lap 1 month into the relationship! 5 months on, things are still going strong and we are now looking to move in together :-) We are very lucky ladies!!!



Well said Debbie! I don't know how I could have got through the last couple of years without my husband, he's been so understanding, caring and sympathetic. He's been by my side when I've been in hospital for my ops and cared for me afterwards. We're now living through the fertility uncertainty and he remains supportive, caring and understanding. Here's to the men!


My best friend Dave has put up with me for nigh on 9 years now. I have horrible mood swings and often take it out on him. For the first 8 years I didn't know I had endo. He has stood by me solidly and he's got his own problems. He's just a wonderful guy and I want to add him to this thread.

As for boyfriends well I can't blame lads for not wanting me. I'm a mess. When I hopefully get a bit better I think things will be easier.


My husband has been my rock, I am lucky to have fantastic friends, but he has been there day and night, through all the A&E admissions, been sat waiting for me to come out of theatre, making me cups of tea at all hours when I have been up with pain - and everything in between!

I do feel terrible that I now have all this 'baggage', and can't be the wife he married - we've had to cancel holidays, and like Debbie, sex just isn't on the agenda - particularly with the treatment I am on at the moment... Unfortunately at the moment he is going through some stressful times and suffering from anxiety (I know the stress of my illness hasn't helped), so he isn't able to support me as much as he has been, this has been really hard as I just started monthly injections to put me through an artificial menopause so need someone to share it with, but this is my chance now to be his rock and repay him for everything he has done for me to date.

Our men are fantastic, but then ladies, so are we :)!x


no vaccine


I remember my first GP appointment. I sat there so nervously, waiting to go in and my husband sat by me holding my hand. Simple but it meant everything to me to not be going through it on my own.

Then when I felt the GP wasn’t really understanding me, he spoke up for me when I got upset. I just felt that even tho it was the very start of this all, he was always going to help me.

Lovely idea. Hi5 to all the wonderful, supportive chaps out there!



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