Rhesus negative blood group and links with endo?

Hi everyone, after a strange family chat today about all our blood groups - I was saying how weird it is that I am the only family member that is A rhesus negative. All my other immediate family are A positive.

I thought I would look up any possible links with endo out of curiosity - not really expecting to find any really...BUT... I have seen a couple of articles on the subject - and they state that if you are a rhesus negative blood group - you are twice as likely to have endo!?!?

The reports say these results have been controversial in some scientific communities. I thought it may be worth asking if any of you lovely ladies have negative blood groups too - OR if you have any info on this topic?

Thanks for your time :) xx

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  • Very interesting as I a. A- and have Endo.

    I have not heard anything on this subject.

  • Thanks for replying - I will ask my specialist if she knows anything about it as I'm seeing her tomorrow. X

  • I to am A- and have Endo! I've never heard that but very interesting...

  • Thanks for replying - I'm going to look into it more :) ....

  • I'm A Resus negative as well....!?! Please please everyone find out your blood type and post it on here, we could turn this into a really interesting survey!!

    Well done Curlymum for finding the info and sharing it with us all, it's really exciting! Xx

  • Hi Curlymum I too have endo and am Resus negative how interesting!!xx

  • I am Rhesus D negative and I'm being investigated for endometriosis. No one else in my family suffer from it, very interesting!

    Thanks for your post xx

  • Afraid I'm A positive with stage four endo! However, agree it's an interesting theory!

  • Hi Maria, thanks for getting back to me - the article didn't say you couldn't have endo if you were a positive blood group - just that you were twice as likely to develop it if you are a negative blood group :) x

  • I am B positive, with severe endo, too!

  • I'm rhesus neg and have endo, found out after miscarriage and had to have the injection. My sister is as well though and has no problems with endo.

  • Hi DC587 - interesting that you too have negative blood - let's hope your sister doesn't develop endo! :)

    I'm just interested in the fact that it seems to be another thing that could be looked into as how we get endo in the first place :)) x

  • hi

    i also and rhesus negative and have endo this is very interesting let us know what your consultant says.

  • Hi I'm o rhesus negative and being investigated for endo.

  • Interesting, I found out I was O negative when I was pregnant and my parents and siblings are all positive and I found out last year I have endo!

  • A- here as well - not spooky at all!!

  • Oh my god how interesting! I'm Rhes neg and have stage 4 endo! Going to look into this! thqnks for sharing 💕

  • I'm A rhesus -ve too with severe stage 4 endo x

  • A- here too x

  • I think it's interesting; I also found out that my levels of oestrogen were very high.

    • Before menopause, estradiol levels are variable throughout menstrual cycle:

    oMid-follicular phase: 27-123 pg/mL

    oPeriovulatory: 96-436 pg/mL

    oMid-luteal phase: 49-294 pg/mL

    oPostmenopausal: 0-40 pg/mL

    Following menopause: Under 10 pg/mL

    My levels before my hysterectomy and oophorectomy (both) was as high as 654; 11 years post-surgery and having never taken HRT or anything similar, it was as 'low' as 47 (2008 - when I had lost all the weight and was quite healthy with no symptoms); then up to 56 (in 2014 when I'd gone up by 6-7 stones) and last week (having added another one or two stones) it was 226!!! Fatty tissue does produce oestrogen but I think even at those levels, it's too high - not least when there's nothing else (except the adrenal glands). Anyone else know their levels?

  • I'm also Rhd negative A group with severe endo

  • I am rhesus B negative and was diagnosed with early stages of endometriosis last April xx

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