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Fed up with the pain


Just totally fed up with being in pain everyday....I take tramdol, paracetamol and ibuprofen for the past 5 days...it doesn't seem to make a different to my pain. I have IBS, irritable bladder which doctors say is connected to endo. I get pain in my legs, lower stomach, lower back. I have tried hot water bottles, all types of pain killers and on so much medication as it is. It's bringing me down. I am due for a op soon to lazer off the endo, what can I do til then?

Any suggestions?

I appericate your time.

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Hiya, I had very similar pain to you (I'm 9 days post op), the best thing that worked for me were Voltarol Suppositories, its not the greatest med to administer but will relieve the pain. I first had these when I went into A&E, some GPs are a bit reluctant to prescribe them, stand firm! Hope you have a better day today x


Thank you for your reply Hannah.

I been given theses before I think, I don't get on with suppositories, get sickness. Felt better this morning but pain is back. I suffer from depression and this last couple of week I have been really suffering.

Thank you for your advice...How do you feel after the opp? (If you dnt mind me asking) x


Hi Helony,

I'm so sorry you're suffering so much- sending sympathy and understanding your way! the pain is such helll when you can't get it under control.

Although I cant promise to take all this pain away for you (we wish!), I do have a little suggestion. You say you've tried hot water bottles. Have you got an electric heating pad at all? I swear by mine, it's such a great accompaniment to pain meds and can even replace them for the very mild pain. It plugs into a socket and has three heat settings- they're great for when lying in bed or on the sofa, especially for your back as you can pop them under you and they relieve some of the tension. Great for that leg pain too!

I hope you feel at least a little better soon xx


Hello Hope,

Thank you for your kind words.

I haven't tried a electric heated pad, I shall definitely be giving it a try, once pay day comes.

I use a foot massge spa thingy to help the pain in my legs, although its on the feet, it relaxes my legs muscles.

I got my per op next month, heres to hoping it comes quick. All these drugs I take can't be good for me, I'm only 25! My nan has less meds then me. :-(

Sending you thank s for your understanfing and reply. X


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