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Anyone fed up with the pain?


I hate endometriosis I wish is would just leave my body, I used to just deal with the pain but now im fed up I just want it gone. Just cant deal with Endometriosis muscling it way in to my life as normal and taking over things with PAIN. Not a happy bunny today. Wish there was a cure and I didn't have to spend my time putting up with this pain and wondering whether or not il be able to have a baby?!

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me i wish it away i cant cope with the pain any more i went for a scan today to be told that i have no cyst fabroids but still could not help me av been told by my gynaecologist i have endo to go for op 13/12/2013 dont think i can hold on that long av tried all different painkillers nothing works just wish i could have my normal life bk xxx

Its a big pain isn't it, with my op a couple of years ago luckily they found the endo and I was given a diagnosis, but unfortunately that's not always the case and women can be left wondering for years whats wrong with them. Im lucky to find that my pill cerazette means I don't hardly get periods or pain, which is awesome because I would be lost with out it. My fear is one day it will stop working as Iv been controlling endo with it now for years. I still get some pain and bleeding but no where near the extent I used to. I hope it all goes well for you, im sure yourll get thru it, us endo sufferers always find a way!! xx

am on cerazette pill its not helping me at all there seems to be nothing out there to help this go away the pain has been full force for 6 months av had this for over 17 years and was able to control the pain but not a painkiller out there is helping just need to wait and see if the op helps :( i hope all goes well with u xx

I've just back from doctors an hour ago, been given yet more painkillers, I'm like you and wishing it would just do one so I can start living again, I'm lucky that I already have two children but at the same time I feel for them as I'm either in pain moody and shouting, wonder if they miss their happy mum. I had a scan Friday and told that adhesions are showing and I know I have endo in my Fallopian tubes. Felt really rough and pain for two weeks with no signs of easing off. Now becoming very bored of day time telly

sheri26 have u been able to get a painkiller that helps av tried so many am even having to take time of work :(

I work for my partner thank goddess, was meant to go to Thorpe park with my friend and children (inset day) I've had to pull out, this eno is so controlling !!! Gp has given me Dihydrocodeine 30mg I've taken one and even though I know pain is there I feel more in control of it .

I also have Yasmin pill three months continuing then one week off, and amertripline once a day.xx

Yes, it's a daily struggle to be able to manage the pain and some days are worse than others. Two weeks ago I cut out wheat and dairy, only drink water and herbal tea and have been taking herbal pain relief as I was so fed up taking lots of drugs and getting constipated, I did check with my doctor first. I have had to take paracetamol and naproxen a few times, big difference to taking them 4 or more times a day! I'm also struggling with my bladder and several trips to the toilet are now part of my daily routine, 24/7! I too wish it would just leave my body, I was hoping after my lap in June I would have some relief but unfortunately it's just got worse :( Hopefully one day we all know what it's like to have a normal life. Take care, hope your pain has subsided X

Hi Bony girl, I too think the endo has gone into my bladder as I am constantly running to the loo and sometimes I find blood/dark sediment in my urine have you ever found this?

Hi, Yes I have found blood in my urine a few times. Went to see my gynae today and he is now saying it's my bowel and not my endo, told him he was talking rubbish as my bowel isn't bothering me too much much but my bladder is and also said I have tender breasts most days, hot flushes, mood swings, pain from my middle back to my ankles daily and terrible pains in my stomach and it feels like my insides are ripping! Told him I'm getting a second opinion and I'm going private as I can't be bothered with this pain anymore! X

Hugs ladies

I am in a lot of pain at the moment and it is getting me down too. I relate to the post about being a grumpy mum. I am awful at the mo.

Back to the doctor for me next week and need to clean up my eating again as it does make a difference

Right there with you on the pain, I actually cut out tea and have started drinking hot water and lemon as it helps clean out the liver which helps it get rid of excess oestrogen which causes the endo to flare up in the first place. I think what annoys me most is that there is so little knowledge of it, I never even heard of it before I was diagnosed and the pain is just a constant dull ache. I have an ovarian cyst on my left ovary to get removed but I am having pain in my lower back now so I hope the endo hasn't spread to my kidneys!!

I get a lot of pain in my lower back and I have had kidneys and everything checked and they are fine. I think the endo just refers pain to your groin and hip etc quite often. The pain in my legs is

often pretty bad.

I'm with you on how annoying it is that noone knows anything about it. I hadn't heard of it and I now can't have kids and live in constant pain and depression. I read that 89% of women with endo are depressed - no surprise huh?

I'm changing my diet and cutting all plastics out to see if it helps. Fingers crossed!! Xx

Ohhh I sooo understand you,just can`t cope.Had a big surgery last September and was pain free till boooom now it`s back AGAIN.Just so annoying,I hoped that it would stay after my big op at least for while,but doesn`t seem to happen.Painkillers doesn`t seem to work either,have to see gynie on Tuesday,but I already know the drill ..... ,but in the same time feeling like that is not life either,you can`t even bloody move !

Feel the same, I'm fed up with the pain. I don't have any solution, but hopefully knowing you are nor on your own may help!

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