HELP!!! :'(

I had a call from my gynae today and she has arranged for an MRI next month and also some physio as my Pelvic floor muscles are apparently not resting and that's causing more pain. She also said to stop taking the Cerazette and carry on with the implant till I see her again and carry on taking Gabapentin for the pain. The problem is, she said I need to go into menopause for the bleeding to stop. I need GnRH but I'm not sure which one to have, that's where you guys come in.

I am VERY scared of needles and hate having blood taken or having jabs so I don't know whether to go for it. I also want some stories, good or bad, so I can get a feel for how its going to be. I also need to know if it works for pain and stopping periods or its pointless.

I am also contemplating to have a child before I start the treatment as many of them can stop your periods for life which means no egg production. It is a hard decision to make as I am only 17 and I'm about to go back to college to do my GCSE's then to do Health and Social Care Level 3 then do Uni. I don't mind having a child instead of a career but I just need to know I am making the right decisions for me. I know non of you can make the decision for me but you can help me decide by giving me advice and so on.

Basic run down-

Do I try GnRH?

If so, which one?

Do I have a baby before treatment or take the risk and do GnRH anyway and see if my periods come back after stopping it?

Hope everyone is as pain free and happy as possible and sorry for the long post.

Leya :)

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  • I found out last year that doc is pretty sure i have endo, it started with slight pain in right hip and sciatic pain down leg, complete loss of appetite when on period which progressed over the last 3 1/2 yrs, to burning pain in both hips, digestive problems, slow digestion when on period etc, and gurgling noisy tummy when it finishes. Midcycle period type pains esp first thing in morning, lower back pain just to name a few. Thinking back i had strange sciatic pain on period for last 15 yrs and bruised sensation during ovulation for 6 yrs so looks like its been with me for a while, however i have a 4 yr old son which has been the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me, so please don't think you have to rush into it, it still can happen when you are ready. take care, mel xx

  • Thank you mel,

    Just to make things clear I was already told I won't have a full chance of getting pregnant as it is because it has progressed so I will only have till mid 20's to start or it won't happen as it will take a while to get pregnant when trying. So I just don't want extra infertility on top of that, if that makes sense. I also don't want to push it and be optimistic thinking I can wait for a while and fully miss out on the chance. So glad you have your little miracle and I hope things are good for you now!!

    Take care,

    Leya xx

  • Sorry i didn't read properly and realise the treatment they were offering you may itself effect your fertility. Just wanted to know that there is hope with the endo and getting pregnant. I wish you all the luck with which ever path you decide to take. I am just taking cerazette which is good for few months then disagrees with me for a few!! And painkillers. Seems so wrong to be looking forward to menopause!! keep smiling as best you can,



  • I took cerazette with the implant but my gynae said it isn't working so to stop it (it caused more pain) I am trying my hardest to have a straight head whilst thinking everything through and my family are being very supportive, in fact my future in-laws have said they'll do all they can to support me and my fiance if/when we decide to have children. I just wish I had all the answers or had a glimpse into the future. Thanks for being so kind :)

    Hope you are happy and well,



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