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Laparoscopy with diathermy & cystectomy. How long till I feel better??


Just seeing how anyone's experience was. Last Monday night I had lap with diathermy. Doc told me, while I was still groggy may I add, that she found bad endo& quite deep, burnt it off and also removed cyst from Fallopian tube.

It's getting me down how low and sore I still feel. I have sharp pains& have to rest by lunchtime or I'm pooped!

Anyone else had this or how long was their recovery time?

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It's hard honey, but I didn't drive for 3 weeks, was off work 4 weeks and then went back part time as I was still sore and tired. Everybody's body recovers at different speeds and everyone has different circumstances. Also, when i was recovering I had a period as I was starting to feel a bit better and that put me back quite a bit.

With regards to what they told you post-op; that's the norm with most ops's I'm afraid. 9 times out of 10 the surgeon/consultant will be quickly popping out to tell you what they found and then scrubbing up for their next. they haven't got time to wait until you're more awake, especially as some people wake up really quickly, but other people take hours. You will find out more information when your GP receives the consultants report, and when you have your follow up. If you are concerned called your GP and ask the reception if they have received a letter from the hospital yet - when they have book to see your own GP and they will be able to go through it with you while you wait for your follow up.

Keep resting, hope you feel better soon x


ah thankyou for your reply

I think was worried it was me being silly, when I spoke to the resident gp Friday he said it is only a lap and made it sound like I should be doing the housework and up for a run!

I was also made redundant before the op so have a lot of pressure on myself to get better so I can get a new job! not the best really

I went for a drive yesterday but just sitting put me in excruciating pain..is this normal? how long till I can at least go for walks!

thanks again


It's good to get walking about, just little bits each day building it up, but don't Hoover! Some docs are stupid - a lap that's diagnostic is generally (not always) straightforward and people are often back to normal in a matter of days. Treatment laps are completely different - little cuts but major work inside: I've heard of ladies being off work 6 to 8 weeks before!

Im not surprised driving hurt, it's quite early, and if you aren't walking much I wouldn't advise driving for a while.

Sorry to hear about your job, but glad you haven't got work pressuring you.

Good luck x x x


Thank you and best wishes


:) I had a lap last Tuesday and they removed a little bit from the pouch of douglas. I was given a discharge note with what they had done at the hospital before i left so had an idea what was going on. But the consultant came round and I wasn't really awake so that must be normal.

I'm walking around but everything is a bit more effort and haven't tried to drive yet! Will try to do a half day of work tomorrow. I was really exhausted from even getting up the first 3 days/

I'm really lucky as i can plan my own time at work and can work from home if I need to. I was quite fit before having my lap so think that helped me recover a little bit faster.

Don't worry if you are taking a bit longer, take the time you need, people are always really understanding!


Thank you. I got my fitness up before but i get tired so easily and the pain is terrible if I try to sit or do anything! I'm sure it will get better every day I'm just impatient and want to get back to my old self

Why is it so bad to Hoover?!



I had a lap, cystoscopy and endometrioma removal last month and was back in work after 5 days, I was cooking and cleaning the day after leaving hospital, I know most people take longer though, I just felt up to it, I'm not one for sitting about moping and was dreading needing longer, my doctors always trying to sign me off work sick for my stage 4 endo but I won't let him, I too got spoken to in recovery and vaguely remembered him saying one of the cysts was 15cm and that it was everywhere even on my bladder and bowel, he came to see me the next morning though and I received 2 letters in the post after explaining exactly what he had done in more detail

Lilly x


wow now I do feel bad like I should be up and about! will wait to see the letters and see what advice they give


Relax hunni. I had 2 laparoscopys both laser/diathermy. I have stage 3 nearly stage 4. Lots of endo very deep and widespread. 1st op was great up and about the next day just a little uncomfortable. However 2 nd op ouch!! Was awful so much pain yet the same op took me a 6 weeks to recover xxx hope you feel better soon!


I know it's not the norm to be up and about so quick I'm just lucky, I have 2nd lap for extensive excision, tube and ovary removal and bladder/bowel resection next month and planning 2 weeks for that one, mainly as will have a catheter and bag when I wake

Listen to your body, I knew I was ready so didn't feel like I was pushing myself x


thank you


Make sure you are staying on top of your pain relief for the surgery pain, i was on paracetamol the ibruophen 2hrs later and full bed rest for a few weeks with getting up for a little walk around every couple of hours. I did that for three weeks, the fourth week i practised my driving slowly and the fifth week back at work on reduced hours. Now two months on its as if i hadn't had surgery x


thank you, I am trying to rest but very difficult as got a little boy to look after,luckily my father helps collect him from school etc

started having a period like pain in my lower back and coccyx area as of yesterday so obviously too much sitting down!

I go through peaks and troughs of feeling ok then suddenly very tired and have to rest

I think im putting pressure on myself to get better quickly as im impatient and also have school sports day and lots of other things I want to attend hopefully being well enough x


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