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Prostap/Zoladex? Am I imagining this?

The reason I went on Prostap is because irrespective of the endo symptoms, my mood swings & anxiety levels had become out of control.

At 43, I have been symptom-wise recognised as being peri menopausal for about 6 yrs now since the birth of my daughter. Low Oestrogen blood tests & symptoms have been helped by HRT. As I had an ablation I haven't bled for over 2 yrs but knew my body was still cycling

& ovulating. It was PMT to the extreme eventually recognised as PMDD. A Long dark path which led to Prostap.

It cannot be denied that after 4 x monthly injections & now a few wks into my first 3monthly one, life is much improved. I am managing far better. The migraines, tiredness & weight gain are for me something worth enduring, a fair trade off, in preference to the bomb that was being thrown into my family on a regular monthly basis.

Well after that rambling intro, back to my original question? Whilst not as extreme, I am still getting diluted pains, emotions, bloating, everything I had whilst ovulating. I have also noticed that the usual white, ordourless mucus, I have at this time is still occurring.

Does anyone else on Prostap or Zoladex still feel like they are ovulating? Has the nurse put mine in the wrong place?

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The zoladex implants have to go into your tummy - I assume prostrap is the same.

I would do some research into the three monthly jab and whether it's licensed for Endo - the three monthly zoladex jabs aren't. I'd had a few of the four weekly jabs and was doing well, then was given the three monthly jab and all my symptoms returned - when I looked into it, they say the three monthly version cannot actually fully control your cycle. I went through three horrid months and then things improved again when I went back on the 4 weekly jabs.

Are you taking HRT still? I wonder if the less effective prostrap coupled with HRT is responsible for your symptoms - I was I zoladex for two years and never took the HRT as I was concerned about it triggering the Endo. Turns out that was a very bad idea and I'm still paying for it years later, but I think thats more to do with the length of time I was on the treatment.

Sounds to me like youre still ovulating etc and I would have thought this should have stopped by your point in the treatment. Did they stop before the 3 monthly jab?


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