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hi all. my specialist has suggested trying the 3 monthly prostap injection to see if it is helps my endo symptoms. (currently taking cerazette but its not really very effective-still bleeding) ive read about the menopausal side effects of the injection but read on here about permanent side effects. what are these? im in two minds if I should take it or not. help please

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  • Good Morning, I was put on Prostap as even though I had my ovary and tube removed I was still experiencing pain. I originally started on the 4 weekly injections and only felt better in the fourth week, I thought this was because it was working, no because it was wearing off, I went on the 3 monthly injection thinking I would feel better, wrong! It is 12 months since I had one 3 monthly injection and only just feeling myself. I would suggest you try a 4 weekly injection first, less time in your system. I have since been diagnosed with MS which is hormone linked whether this contributed to me feeling so bad on it I don't know, links with menstrual cycle and menopause making MS symptoms worse. Oestrogen is linked with MS which is also an auto immune diesease. I do strongly advise a 4 weekly injection first. Hope this is of some help x

  • Hi,I would also echo that you ask for the monthly injections instead. You are putting a lot of the hormone into your system with the 3 month one. You may also want to ask about taking a add-back pill which helps reduce some of the menopause symptoms and helps reduce risk of bone thinning.

    When I was researching whether or not to start taking prostap I found this website really useful

  • thank you to both of you. my mum has osteoporosis so I think I will have a chat with him again to see if it is going to be safe for me to have. the more I read the more I feel like I shouldnt have it but the specialist did say it wouldnt be for long but is helpful in seeing if it definately is endo. decisions decisions :-/

  • Do you know what stage your endo is? I was given Prostap for 3 months by a non- specialist gynae.

    It only works with early stage endo symptoms. 1-2 Stage

    I was stage 4 and it did nothing, just menopause symptoms, weight gain, headaches and sickness/ spots from HRT.

  • I have a very confusing story upto now but they suspected I had stage 4 for due to large endometrioma etc.

  • After 3 months when I told my gynae that Prostap hadn't helped my bowel pain, he commented that oh it probably wouldn't help with that anyway.

    I'm glad your seeing a specialist now Hun.

    Some people do think it helps their symptoms, but it is only a short term measure anyway.

    Does your new consultant have another lap planned?

    It can hide in places that are sometimes missed and even tiny, miss-able amounts can cause tons of pain.

    Good luck x

  • im having an mri in the next few weeks but is highly likely another op is on the cards after that. was thinking of waiting for mri results before deciding about the prostap.

  • Hiya, I'm Rachel and I've been on prostap for 12 months now it has been a godsend pain wise but you do get side effects but they really do out weigh the pain. Like you I was worried about trying this medication, refusing the first time.

    I have the 4 week injections but I have found they wear off quite quickly if you don't keep on top of them. As for shrinking Endo, well it doesn't the Endo can keep on growing it just acts on your pain.

    I know this because I'm now awaiting surgery under an Endo specialist team for severe Endo.

    Good luck with everything and best wishes Rachel xx

  • the cerazette I currently take has helped to reduced the pain considerably but thats all its done. is this a similar test to the prostap as they are progesterone???

  • Hi,

    I have had Endo for a while now. I was put on zolodex injections for 12 months which worked really well. My symptoms then came back they put me on prostrap which they told me was the same as zolodex but it did not work so I went back on zolodex for 3months.

    I was on HRT to reduced menopausal symptoms which helped. Osteoporosis is a long term risk which is the reason I came of the zolodex in the end, but i was on it for a long time. I do not think you need to worry about a three month dose causing problems. I was also at a higher risk because I'm quite skinny and a veggie but I didn't get any problems.

    Hope this helps


  • Everyone will react differently on the prostap injection and I was worried about having it due to long term affects but I wanted and needed the pain eased or gone! I am on my second monthly injection of prostap, next one due soon, and to be honest it is helping me, I have stage 3 endo and I struggled immensely with the pain and although I get flushes at the most inconvenient moments I will cope with that rather than the pain!

    Ultimately the decision is yours and I am sure you will make the right decision with your specialist.

  • Hi Dawntildusk I was on the prostap injections for 18 months and I found them a godsend. I was experiencing a lot of pain and while on prostap I had no pain at all. I also didn't have any periods as effectively the prostap stops you ovulating (hence being compared the the menopause). I had some side effects like hot sweats, odd bit of new body hair and my hair thinned a little but it was nothing in the grand scheme of things for me. I was offered HRT while on prostap but denied it (they recommend due to increased risk of osteoporosis) and instead made sure I took a good regime of vitamins which the Dr was happy with. I would recommend this treatment to anyone based on my experience but it's worth doing a bit of research. I was told by the consultant to google GRnH analogues and this gave me loads of information? I personally didn't have any permanent side effects. Hope this helps xxx

  • I have stage 4 endo which causes bowel problems /pain. I am on my 3rd prostap injection and it's helping with pain. Hrt livial didn't agree with me so I'm trying various vitamins. There's not enough info out there on vitamin supplements for women on prostap with endo. Any suggestions for a good vitamin regime?

  • hi. ive recently had another 3 month prostap with livial this time round. menopausal symptoms / endo symptoms did eventually improve but left me with severe hip pain. my consultant said it wouldnt be to do with the jab but im 100% certain it was. i would say vit d, calcium, and omega 3 would be good but im not an expert. its important to protect your bone and omega 3 helps with brain function. i suffered terribly with memory loss, depression etc. i am waiting for a tlh bso at the mo. are u scheduled further surgery?

  • thank u everyone for your advice. it all helps x

  • Iv herd good things and bad things about the injections I was offered them this year but refused cause wanted to try for another baby they gave me a lapostopy and my endo was stage 2 but only been pain free four months but having flair ups quite often but all can do is treat it with pain relief I'm trying to look at natural remedies as well that have fewer side affects but not been successful yet but I wish you the best of luck what ever you decide to do

  • I was taking the Prostap injection for 6mths and ive just had a Vaginal Hysterectomy. On the 28th May 2015 and I'm now struggling to walk. I've seen my GP and he thinks I now have Oesteporosis the side effect from the injection. Plus it stopped working for me after 3 mths. Which does happen the Gynocologist told me at hospital when I got rushed back in.

  • thanks for your reply. I am thinking I might wait until my mri before I decide either way.

  • Hi Dawntildusk, I was given the option of the prostap in Dec 2014 at my 6 month check up as they found another cyst on my ovary. I decided against it as I knew I would struggle with the side effects. Also my consultant did say that it wouldn't be worth putting me through all those side effects when it isn't a long term treatment, it can only be given for 3-6 months at a time because of long term side effects e.g bone thinning he told me ?. I decided to go ahead with another lap to remove endo and cyst, which I had less than a week ago. The plan is to try a progestrogen only pill after my 6 week check up. I am just hoping it works in slowing down the growth of my endo. How about trying another pill first, there are plenty of others to try, ones that might suit you better ? Good luck :-)

  • hi elle15. ive been taking the cerazette now for 6 months and tbh ive still been bleeding and its been irregular. also the pains are coming back again. i am due to see my consultant tuesday so will find out more then. did they manage to remove your cyst ok?

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