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Chronic Pain on Right side

Hi everyone, I have been in chronic pain on my right side this week. Im on my period but it's alot more intense than my normal pains. I was diagnosed with endeotromsis 6 years ago and have had my ups and downs with it. Im beginning to worry that I may have an ecoptic pregnancy or a rupurted cyst. Has anyone experienced this before

and did you go to your GP or outpatients?. I've been taking Nurofen with coedine for the pain

But I can't go on like this.Help!!!!

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I think that you should maybe ring the NHS helpline if your worried about ecoptic pregnancy, you can describe your symptoms and they will advise you what to do or tell you if you should go to the hosp?

Hope this helps.



As Bexc says, I would seek medical advice today.


No experience of ectopic pregnancy pain, but I have had two ruptured cysts.

Both were sudden onset and excrutiating and paralysing acute pain. The pain did begin easing off after several hours then what I class as grumbling pain carried on after the 'explosion' pain eased off.

Initial pain was 9 or 10 out of 10, then in the days and weeks afterwards a 2 or 3 out of 10 on the pain scale. fluctuation.

On both occasions the burst cyst refilled again.

Now a grumbling cyst might just be leaking rather than burst. A burst is literally a burst, a pop, and explosion of cyst contents inside you, whereas a leak is a slow process causing more of a chronic continous nuisance of pain.

Speak to your GP, who should refer you to hosp for an urgent scan, it will be very urgent f there is a chance of it being an ectopic pregnancy as that can be life threatening. So do not hang around. If the pain becomes intense then get someone to take you to A&E if possible, or call an ambulance if you are paralysed by pain and don't have anyone on hand to give you a lift.

If for no other reason than they can give you the strength of pain relief you will need to get you through the hours ahead and hopefully get you an ultrasound on the same day to check what's causing the pain.

It might be an intact cyst which is not leaking and is simply growing and pushing on the nerve endings of nearby organs and tissues.

Definitely not something to try and cope with by yourself, even if you were sure it was just a cyst, but if there is a chance of an ectopic then you do need to get to hosp.


Thanks everyone, my period is now heavy and the pain has eased off a bit. But I think that I must have cyst because the pain was excruciating. Ive had painful perods since they started and was diagnosed with endeotromsis 6 years ago and it has been the worse pain I think Ive experiencedced. By chance I had a scan this week. The lady that did it was rude and seemed like she couldn't be bothered. when I asked if she could see anything unusual she said no but she will get my doctor to have a look. My worry is that the same thing will happen on my next period. I was on the pill constantly for two years for the pain and came off two years because I wanted to start trying for a baby Im 36 now. I just hope what ever change that has happened it doesn't reduce my fertlity even more.


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