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What I feel has been helping, hope it will help you too

I just wanted to share this with you guys in case it would help you too.

This month I didn't realise my AF was starting that day. That has NEVER happened to me. Normally I'm in pain and have period cramps for couple of days before AF. I've been trying to pinpoint what has helped but I'm not sure which of the things I've started doing has helped.

This is what I've just started taking and have been taking for the past month

C coenzyme q10

High doses of high strength Omega 3


Conception care multivitamin

High doses of vitamin E (kind of randomly though, not every day)

High doses of vitamin C, again not consistently


Taking wheatgrass shots every morning

I've also been having acupuncture and tried to be as gluten free as I can (I'll never be a person that can totally abstain from gluten)

Hope this helps, feel free to share what has helped you.

Take care xxxx

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I have been taking all of the vitamins u mentioned apart of wheat grass apart from the back pain that I had before my last period there was no indication that my period was about to start I just went to pee and I wiped and saw period. Those vitamins do work.


That's good news - from a fellow back pain sufferer. Do you know what's causing your back pain, where is your Endo and are you having treatment. Thanks so much. x


Brilliant!!! xx


Well I was diagonized with endo 3 years ago my endo was the worst my doctor had seen I was placed on 6 months of zoladex which ran me mental and held my period for 3 years and 3 months. But when I had my 1st lap all d endo had disappeared. I got frustrated with the way this doctors are playing god with my own body so I decided to research my problems and find alternative solution to my problems.


Abbs that's exactly what happened to me, i.e how I discovered I had started my period. I am charting so I kind of suspected I might start that day but didn't have any cramps so wasn't sure. Just checking if I'm understanding you right, did you take all these vitamins and in your next lap they didn't find any endo? or did they diagnose the endo without doing a lap but when they did the lap it was gone?

Amb43 hope it works for you too :)



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