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Vitamin D3 for pain?

I have been taking vitamin d3 at a dose of 10,000 iu per day (5000 am and pm) to try to help my chronic hives, and I think I've stumbled on help for my period pain as my last period was close to pain free! I've only been taking d3 for 3 weeks and know I need to keep an eye on my levels (10,000 iu per day seems ok but any higher can cause kidney problems) but wanted to share in case it helped anyone else. Always check with a medical professional before starting this kind of supplementation as there may be contraindications for you depending on other health issues or medications. Has anyone else tried this and had some relief?

I realise this may be a fluke as I've only had one period since commencing d3.

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Its not a fluke Vitamin D topping up is known to reduce pain levels in anyone suffering a deficiency of sunlight or Vit D in their bodies and suffering chronic pain.

It's a useful vitamin to top up, only those who have a tendency to hardened arteries or kidney stones and other calcium processing problems need to be a bit wary of taking on board too much.

For anyone reading this- suffering from Hives as a result of taking GnRH hormone treatments then the best course of action is not Vit D - but instead take hayfever tablets instead. Anti-histamines will take over reducing the amount of cortisol in the body which sky rockets causing hives when the hormones that normally control cortizone through the thyroid are switched off by the GnRH drug.

You can take both - but the anti-histamines will be quicker to work on sudden outbreaks of hives - whereas Vit D is one option for chronic hives.

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Forgot to say that I did google d3 and period pain today when it occurred to me that they might be related, and did find at least one study where high dose d3 seemed to help. I think I'll stay on it once my hives finally go!


I would suffer from urticaria when on the pill. Only thing that helped was taking Fexofenodine 180mg twice a day and phenergan 25mg at night (that one knocked you out!)

Hope they clear up soon x


Thanks. This is my fourth bout of it since I was 17. I wish Phenergan knocked me out - I was taking 80g a day at one time and no drowsiness at all. x


and yet another reason for me to avoid GnRH drugs! My body hives all too easily :/



I started taking vit D3 a month 'ish' ago and my last AF had dramatically reduced pain levels. I am following the endo diet and doing maya massage also, so it could be a combination. (Or just a fluke!)

I also take curcumin 3 times a day to help with inflammation. It has def helped my joints (I have rheumatoid arthritis also). (But research as you need to get one worth taking)



definitely sounds like you have found a regime that works for you :)


Hi, Just come across this: a supplement called Pycnogenol (which is a natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory) may also be helpful at a dose of 60mg twice a day. Has anyone tried it?


yes, its fantastic for pain. but the starting dose is 150-200 and higher, not the 60mg.


I'm on 5000iu twice a day for my chronic urticaria, not sure what that is in mg. high doses are definitely needed for deficiency. I think Drs routinely prescribe 50000iu weekly with someone's levels are low.


I will get my levels checked soon as too high a dose can cause kidney damage.


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