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Hey everyone,

I had a laparoscopy, followed by a laporotomy. I've been left (as i'm sure many of you have) with a 9 inch scar on my abdomen. I HATE IT. I don't care about how it looks, just how it feels. Its very raised and thick. I've started to put bio oil onto it in the hopes it will take it down over time. Does anyone have any experiences of scars? Will it eventually recede?

I can't bare to touch it!

Freya x

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I had only laparoscopies, so my scars are small, but they were raised like yours. My sister is a doctor and she told me that sometimes they take time but they settle. Mine settled after 4-5 months or so. You can always call your GP and they will be able to tell you which cream/oil could help speed up the recovery process. x


Hi I had a laparotomy about 13 years ago and it is now a flat scar but I can't remember when it stopped being so raised. I'm affraid it was years not months of being raised I actually nicknamed it a caterpillar! Initially I hated looking or touching it but gradually it healed over the first couple of months and I got used to it being there and now it really doesn't bother me. Luckily its in the bikini line so easily hidden but I know what you mean I didn't want to touch it for quite a while and I had a lap just over a month ago so now have a small scar above this one plus my belly button and even though they're small still don't like touching too much. So I know exactly how you feel and it will get better and fade to just a white line but I'm affraid you have to be patient. X


I'm probably being a bit thick now, but is a laparotomy like meaning to be cut, as in open surgery? I've been told my hysterectomy will be open surgery, am I going to have a massive big cut as big as nine inches? Xx


My mum has had a hysterectomy and her scar is like ceasarean really low down and not noticible

Good luck dnt worry x x


Hi worth yes a laparotomy is open surgery and my scar is about 6 inches and in the bikini line I have read you can have a hysterectomy by lap too now. Mine was years ago and think laps must have been quite new as was ment to be by lap but told they couldn't remove cyst so had to cut me open during surgery. It took months to recover so I'm so glad the last op was only a lap. Hoping the next one will be too. X


They have said it will be open as want to make sure they remove all the endo, I'm still overweight, bit worried about it healing or not healing under my belly flap lol xx


You'll be fine they keep it covered for a long time had to just keep changing dressing till stitches were taken out I think! It is also a good couple of inches below bikini hair line so would actually be under your pants too not your belly lol . It is a big scar but does shrink I promise! X


There is a cream called Mother of pearl Anti-scar cream by Lepicol--I have used it on a laparotomy scar and another scar and found it works well. You can get it on Amazon--it's a bit dear but really works. I think if you contact Lepicol, they may send you some sachets to try before you splash out on a tub. Make sure you get the Lepicol one as there are lots of other Mother of Pearl creams. It will take time though so don't expect miracles. xx


Wow thanks guys for your responses. Its been 3 months now, so still early days! Its my poor bf I feel sorry for as I hate anyone touching me anywhere near the scar. So he's banned! Worth, initially my scar was huge, through swelling etc. I have noticed its come down in size, about 7 inches now. They cut very low down so you could never see it. Its below the knicker line. Times a healer I guess. Thank you Hilary I will try that for sure, I'm willing to try anything at this time. The things us women have to go through xx



Sorry you are feeling so low about your scar; it is difficult to get your head around to start with.I have had 4 laparotomies now, 2 horizontal pelvic line and in last 18 months 2 x vertical midline that are about 35cm long.I have found the 1st vertical ones to be raised, and bio oil didnt really help.Since second one in Sept 2012 I have been using a product called Kelocote, Which has really flattened my most recent scar, as well as restoring the natural colour. I look at my scars as medals of courage, and of being alive to tell the story to others.

Try to love them as a map of your amazing strength and your incredible journey.

Big hug and heaps of be well wishes.x


Hi Lunanix, gosh I feel for you, one of each was enough to bare, let alone 4!! Yes I have use bio oil for my face which is amazing, but on my scar i'm sceptical. I just want to flatten it a bit as I catch it when undressing which makes my skin crawl! I'm going to get some kelocote, sounds worth the price tag from the reviews it has got online.

Its amazing the strength you find yo get through these things. and it could be a lot worse! xx


Hi there, sorry to hear your scar is getting you down. It made me think of a blog post on c-section recovery. I think it might be of interest to you on a practical level... although I realise that it does talk about self-massage and you might not feel like doing it! Have a read anyway, might help?


Very best wishes, xx


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