Endometriosis in scar tissue

My GP thinks I have endometriosis is my c section scar after going for a scan thinking it was a hernia. I'm waiting to see a consultant and go from there. One of the questions I have is if the tissue is removed is that it then will the endometriosis have gone?? I've been told by my physiotherapist that you can suffer with endometriosis till you reach the time that you go through the menopause is this true?? I've been trying to do research about it but getting confused as not a lot of information on endometriosis in scar tissue.

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From my understanding if it's been transferred from when you had your c section and it's only in your, scar once they remove the endo and the scar tissue it should be gone for good. If you have it elsewhere and it, hasn't been transferred you will most likely have it for life. Menopause just stops the disease progressing. Excision surgery for endo is the most reliable surgery to have for endo to hopefully not return. It's a complex disease there's no definates everyone is different aswel as every surgeon. If it's only in your scar I'm sure once it's removed that will be it. 💗🤗😘

Thank you for this information I do also have a lump on the right side Just pasted my c section more near my hip that doctors though was a hernia which after scans they are saying is likely endometriosis xx

Sounds like it may have been transferred through by having the c section. I'm by no means a professional but I think that if this is the case you'll be able to get it operated on and be rid of it for good. Providing you didn't previously have it elsewhere xx have they booked you for op? Xx

I’m booked in to see a consultant in a few weeks and then go from there x

Good luck hun I hope it can get excised and rid of for good. Let me know how you get on please 💗🤗😘

I will do thank you x

Been to see consultant, he’s put me of a 6month course of zoladex with is basically putting by body through the menopause, and hopefully drink the endometriosis then after that is possible surgery to remove the lump. But he has said he not going to be able to get rid of it all xx

Seen consultant and he said he can’t get rid of it all he’s going to try and get rid of the lump with zoladex and possible surgery but he won’t be able to get it all x

So does he think you had endo prior or its been transferred from your c section? Xx

He think prior x

Ok that's why he's saying he won't be able to remove it all. Least he's being honest. As it likes to hide and it's difficult to find. Wish you luck with the fake menopause 💗🤗😘

My uterus was stuck to my abdomen wall, which my doctor assumed was caused by my c section scar. I also had endo all over my tubes and ovaries, though. I have some really interesting photos taken during surgery of my uterus adhesion, if you'd like to see them. They're not for the faint of heart, though. I can make a new post if you'd like to see the before and after excision.

Yes, endo can keep appearing until menopause even if it has been removed from the site. I hope yours is only located to that one spot so that you can get some relief.

Hi, I would really like to see your photos, I am stage 4 and my left side is totally covered in the thing and my bowl/bladder and ovary is fused to my womb, I have my first appointment at a BGSE centre tomorrow so really nervous about what they going to say an do about it, thanks for sharing xx

I made a post but deleted it immediately! I didn't realise that photos show as a preview on the home page. The photos are quite full on, so I don't think everyone wants to see them when they open their homepage 😂. You can send me a message via my profile with your email address and I'll send you the photos there (not sure if trading email addresses is a vio on this site?).

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