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Period related question - help please!

Hello ladies

I have been registered on here for a few years but this is my first question/blog. I am 28 and I was diagnosed with endo in 2007 and have had it removed four times, I have been taking the pill for years as a way of controlling the symtoms and pain I take it for 6 months and then have a 1 week break before taking it again for 6 months. I had a break from the pill about a year after I was diagnosed following advise from my doctor to give my body a break and lasted about two and a half months before going back on the pill as I was in extreme pain and had heavy bleeding etc. I am now at the point where I would like to start a family (if a can) so I came off the pill a month ago to start trying, I was pretty scared as I was expecting the same as what happened when I came off it 5 years ago but that hasn't happened this time, I've had some side effects such as mood swings, tender nipples and headaches and a little bit of period type pains but nothing extreme so my question is really around this - I have never had a regular period but today a month after my period following stopping the pill I've started having a period and I can't believe it!! I've heard of your body maturing etc and wondered if this was true and if this is a good sign?

Sorry for the long question but I would really appreciate some advise - thank you so much.


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I sincerely hope the long break has been enough for the endo patches to give up the fight, but I suspect it's more than likely they will trouble you again at some point, meanwhile best of Luck TTC, pregnancy should give you a decent stretch without setting it off again if you can get pregnant pretty quickly.


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