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Ace Inhibitors and Statins

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Hi everyone, I need some advice please. I was called in to see my gp yesterday for the result of my blood test, CKD 3a. My Triglycerides are 2.4, high. He has put me on ace inhibitors with a blood test in 2 weeks as he said I am at risk of cardiovascular disease and will have to go on statins later. My creatinine is 95, egfr 52 and cholesterol 5.5. My bp is 124/72. I am so upset that I have to go on ace inhibitors and statins, my anxiety is sky high at the moment which isn't going to help the situation. I have kept control of my CKD for 7 years with a careful diet only, no medication except ranitidine for a hiatus hernia. Is it really necessary for me to start taking these drugs or can I get this figure of 2.4 down with just diet. I noticed on docs screen that my triglycerides were 2.7 in 2015 and I wasn’t even told of this figure at the time and from then until now that figure went back down. Really concerned. Would appreciate your views please 😐

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Hi Sukki, although I am not a medical expert I can only tell you about my circumstances. I was diagnosed with CKD stage 3 back in 2005. My right kidney actually died when I was about 23 and my kidneys had been leaking ever since. It was only when my left kidney started to die that I was diagnosed with the disease. Fluid went into my legs and lungs enlarging my heart and I put on a stone and a half in weight overnight. I ended up in hospital as my blood pressure went to 254/154 mmHg and was put on Ramipril to stop my kidneys leaking and bring my blood pressure down and was put on Simvastatin to bring my cholesterol down and to stop me having strokes or heart attacks. I have had no side-effects and it is the best thing I ever did but everyone is different. You could try bringing things down with diet but talk to your GP about your concerns.

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Hi devilishdawn thank you for your reply it has made me feel so much better. You have certainly had a rough time of it but come through in the end I am so pleased to hear. You have helped me make up my mind and I will take the Ramipril as gp prescribed. Regarding the cholesterol I managed to get it down to 4.5 a couple of years ago through my diet alone but it seems to have crept back up to 5.5 and I think I am to blame for that. It makes you realise how important it is to keep to a renal diet and our kidneys as healthy as possible. I think my gp is being extra cautious as my family history is not good. My brother died of a heart attack aged 39 and my father died 11 months later of angina. Many thanks for your help and good luck in the future.

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I am glad I have been able to help. I am still stage 3 kidney disease after all these years but I do write down what I eat and drink every day to make sure I am not being too naughty again or having too much fluid. My blood pressure has come down to 120/70 mmHg and my cholesterol is 3.2 at the moment. It is a daily struggle especially as I have Type II diabetes on insulin. Good luck for the future too.

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