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Lab Results: ACR and Lipids

Hi everyone:

I got my Lab Results back.

HDL: 1.04 mmol/L (Normal)

LDL: 4.09 mmol/L (High)

Triglycerides: 4.80 mmol/L (more than twice above normal level)

They can't even calculate total cholesterol due to high triglycerides.

ACR: 59.2 mg/mmol, Macroalbuminuria, making me high risk of further kidney damage.

If diagnosed, I will be at CKD, Stage 1, A3 (High Risk)

However, my doctor said not going to refer to the nephrologist yet. He gives me some Losartan (50mg, very low dose) for next three month. He wants to monitor the situation for six month, then make a decision on it.

He asked me about my diets in the past. I told him I drank more than two liters of coke per day, high salt, high sugar; basically every level of risk for diabetes and kidney disease, I got it. He wants me to change my diet while on BP medication.

I asked him whether this is CKD. He doesn't ruled it out, but won't press for a diagnose either. He said due to my age, and my kidney function, he wants me to change my diet, more exercises, and see whether things improve.

My spot BP is 140/95, a bit high.

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Hi Samuel,

At least you know the score and what you can do about it.

I am relieved to hear from you!

I had the feeling that the "keys to the kingdom" for you would be a diet change a low dose of high blood pressure medication, and monitoring.

The fact that your HDL ( good. cholesterol) is normal is advantageous. One blessing.

Losartan is used for BP and also to protect the kidneys..

The changes to make in your diet will come easier than you think.

Egg whites with vegetables and even a sprinkle of cheese, toast with Benechol spread or Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat are all good choices.

Don't add sugar to tea or coffee.

Lunch, a vegetable wrap with oil and vinegar dressing or salad with some chicken or turkey is good.

Drink more water as well.

Eat alot of steamed cabbage, onion, peppers, cauliflower, asparagus, eggplant and even some broccoli. Stir fry it in olive oil and add spices other than salt or those with a salt base.

Fresh fruits as strawberries, apples, blueberries and pineapple are fine.

Graham crackers, vanilla wafers or animal crackers are good. You will be surprised how easy it will come.

Rather than eat junk, I buy vegetable wraps which are made from rice paper filled with carrots, celery and sea weed...delicious!

Just stay positive and go forward.

Until your doctor says it is CKD or anything else, don't think that.

Please reach out and let me know how you are doing.

If I can support, I will.



Quick question: When is the best time to take Losartan?


I take my Lisinopril when I go to bed.

See what your doctor has prescribed. It should be in the pamphlet from the pharmacy and on the bottle.

If in doubt, call your pharmacist and ask.



You are lucky that you have caught it so early and can make some changes. I was already down to 17% kidney function when I was diagnosed so it was too late for me to do anything meaningful. Cut down the coke if you can. I used to drink one litre a day of the diet coke but it is not good for you. Also try cutting down salt. Again I was a very heavy salt user. All the best.

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Thanks! I haven't touched coke for almost a month, and plan not to touch it rest of my life. Like you, I used to drink a lot of coke, heavy on salt and sugar. I used to eat a lot of bacon. I am sure I need to change all that.


Good! No coke for a month!





Samuel, I'm on 50mg Losartan, pharmacist's instructions to take in the morning, before or after food is OK.

I understand that Coke has the equivalent of 7 teaspoons of sugar and contains caffeine, so not good for kidneys or pre-diabetic conditions. Drink at least 2 or 3 litres plain water per day instead?

Wishing you well, a change in diet can do wonders!


Thanks! I am trying, it is pretty tough in the beginning.


Stage 1 is normal kidney function. But your triglycerides are high. I can relate. For years, mine always came back high. My blood pressure was brought under control, the HDL and LDL were brought to normal thanks to Atorvastatin and watching my diet just a little bit (eliminated bread and potatoes). My gp tried everything, nothing worked. I started to see a cardiologist because while my heart seemed fine, my family history had many with heart problems. He started me on two things. 1000 units of fish oil 3 times a day. 500mg of niacin (bought over the counter) once a day. Started with 250mg just to ensure I did not get side effects which are usually skin turning reddish. Almost immediately (after 2 or 3 months) my triglycerides fell into the normal range. I stayed on the niacin for about 8 months total, then reduced quanity, then stopped entirely. My triglycerides remain normal. You don't need a kidney doctor. All they would do is yell at you for your diet, which you MUST change. I stopped soda. I limit coffee or tea to 2 cups a day. I drink 60 to 70 ounces of water daily. I keep track of my salt and sugar. I do NOT eliminate it. Just look up the daily recommend amounts for your age and size, and keep within those limits. The losartan will fix your bp. All will be fine.


Thanks! I am really concerned about my triglycerides levels.

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Buy some Benechol or Benechol lite and use it instead of butter.

It was recommended to me by a davita renal dietician to help reduce cholesterol.

My first test since using it showed a drop.

Try to eliminate red meats, and other foods high in cholesterol and add in more vegetables..it will work- first step.

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I love bacon, and rare beef. I ate a lot of those in the last three weeks, and that might be why my LDL and triglycerides are very high at this moment. I guess I need to stop eating them.

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Stop all high sodium meats, cold cuts, bacon, sausage and red meat. Shrimp as well.

Will all be good.


Bacon, beef, sausages, hot dogs, butter, cream, fried foods, cheeses are all high in cholesterol.


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