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Follow up Appointment with Nephrologist

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Hey guys, I am 37 CKD Stage 3 due to high blood pressure and diabetes. I have my follow up appointment Monday and I’m really nervous. My bp has been great lately. My diet has also been good, cut out caffeine completely and no sugar at. Keeping phosphorus down has been hard but I have tried and cut out red meat. I’m hoping that I can drink coffee again soon and eat out like once a month. Please say a prayer for me that numbers are good 😇🙏 and that everything turns out well. Thank you. God Bless!

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Sending you prayers and best wishes🙏🙏


Being scared is very normal. Try to think may have a great surprise, improvement!

Take a notebook and jot down what is said!

We are all here waiting for you..

Prayers for you always! 🙏🙏

Would you consider decaf coffee?

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I also tried giving up coffee--couldn't do it--was foggy all day. I did find this article regarding coffee:

Coffee and Kidney Disease: Is it Safe? | National Kidney Foundation

"Caffeine causes a short but sudden increase in blood pressure. Research has not shown that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day increases the risk of kidney disease or increases rate of decline of kidney function. However, moderating how much coffee you drink is a good idea."

Good luck!

Thank you all for the well wishes.. my appointment was good. My gfr was a little better from 36 to 46 now. I hope I can keep progressing forward. This is a very hard disease to live with and I think we just need to take it one day at a time.

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Congratulations. Great to hear. Your GFR moves you from CKD3B to CKD3A. Keep it up.

Hello aj2581, Just to say that I was told by a renal specialist doctor to give up coffee entirely (even instant, my drink of choice) but I could have tea. So I limit it to one morning mug of tea most days, made with fat free milk. The rest of the time I drink hot water which I now enjoy, especially as I have to cut down on potassium intake (which is high in all dairy products, even the low fat kinds). The really tricky part is asking for hot water in a cafe or restaurant, even in a social situation so I always explain about following a kidney-friendly diet and this is usually sufficient to get the water I need.

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Do you think decaf coffee is ok?

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Hello again aj2581. No I do not, I was especially told NO coffee! However, in other posts on here, various people have mentioned drinking coffee, so the choice is yours, as is always the case - remember you only have one set of kidneys and you have to make the most of them. In your position, I would suggest you ask your kidney doctor the question as the answer will relate especially to you. I normally follow the rule 'if in doubt, avoid it and substitute with some food or drink which is allowed' - this is quite easy to do at home, but not when out and about or even with friends.

I do agree with you about CJD being a hard disease to live with, but compared to many others members of this site, your GFR figures are very good and having CKD at stage 3A is a great place to be. I cannot comment on my figures as I have never been given any, and at present I am having to remind my general doctor (called a GP in the UK) that I have not been monitored for nearly two years! Hope this helps, best wishes - Curleytop1.

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