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New here but had CKD since 2011

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Hi Guys,

I found this forum and its good to be here with people having the same issue.

Back in 2011 I was very tried and peed alot at night so I went to my doctor and after the blood tests I was diagnosed with CKD 3. I started the diet and lost 24 pounds and maintained it. My GFR was 60, then 58, then 53 over the past few years.

Anyways this year in August I went to the doctor for check up and he did the blood work and a week later my GFR was 61 so obviously I'm doing something right and he recommended taking 3 tablespoons of ACV which I did until November, just got tired of the routine.. Anyways, I went for another blood test but this time I was shocked my GFR was 48. Not sure how it could have dropped 13 points. And my cholesterol went up from 214 to 243. My Creatine was 1.3 and now it is 1.66.

One thing I realized the doctor never told me to fast for 12 hours before taking the blood test, so I'm thinking maybe it was an error? And taking ACV does have potassium which is not good for CKD.

So I will have to go back in again in a month or two to do another test. Two things I need to work on is lower my cholesterol which seems when it is high it lowers my GFR and another to fast before taking the blood work.

Has anyone else experience this with a dramatic drop in their GFR and a dramatic right in their cholesterol? I'm 47, 6'0 tall and weight around 168 so I'm not even overweight and my blood pressure is normal too.



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I have not noticed any correlation between cholesterol and my eGFR levels however I can certainly influence my creatinine and therefore my eGFR by what I eat before the test. I am at stage 5 with only 12% kidney function so obviously diet has a greater influence on my levels than yours. I always have my blood test before having anything to eat so I can get consistent results. I hope your numbers are better at your next test but even so they are still very good so don't stress. All the best.

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Tony71 in reply to rabbit01

Thank you. May yours improve as you continue your diet.

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Alex6157 in reply to rabbit01

Rabbit01, may I ask how long your stages 3 and 4 lasted, and how long you have been in stage 5? Also, do you remember your BUN (blood urea nitrogen) values at each stage?

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rabbit01 in reply to Alex6157

Sadly I was not diagnosed until late stage 4 with only 18% kidney function remaining in early 2015 so no idea what my readings were before that. I do know that I had 100% kidney function in 2005 which was the last time I had a blood test before 2015 so somewhere over those 10 years I lost 82%!

In actuality I had a chest infection in late 2014 and am convinced that the antibiotics (Amoxicillin) I was given for that are responsible for my kidney damage. After taking them my urine became foamy and an unusual colour and I started getting a metallic taste in my mouth.

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Alex6157 in reply to rabbit01

Thanks for your prompt response.

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