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Bad Sensor!: DEXCOM 11-17-2021

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I have been using a sensor that was inserted on 11-11-2021. That sensor had to be replaced tonight after dinner because the sensor kept going out and in for the last two days and having inaccurate information/numbers/arrows. This was causing extreme stress and gave me a headache. I had to do extra testing and calibrations a few times. Before the last calibration was done, the receiver was showing a much higher number compared to what my actual number turned out being at the time.

I called the Rep. at Tech. Support and I requested a new free replacement sensor to be sent. After I explained what happened with the Sensor Error alarm and no readings kept happening, the Rep. told me that the free sensor should be here between 3-5 days from today.

The new sensor is working on the 2 hour warm up period right now while I’m typing this posting up tonight. I’m hoping this will be a lot better than the last sensor.

Watch this page for more updates to come.

Stay safe, happy and healthy!😀👍

6 Replies
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You are in our prayers 😊

Very tiresome that another sensor has failed to make it past the finish line Leah, but glad there's a free replacement on the way!

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Yes, very tiresome and frustrating when these things happen, but like you said, Sue, the free replacement sensor is on its way and I had been told it will be delivered by end of day tomorrow. I'm hoping this happens and the new one that I do have now works for the full 10 days. I don't like using 2 after 5 days each week. That makes the supply go faster.

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I was looking at these and glad I haven’t bothered. I swim 3x a week and can be allergic to sticky dressings. It took the company over a week to answer my questions and they suggested I had a arm strap that was very bulky and intrusive plus couldn’t say if they’d survive as well due to swimming 😳Excellent idea sadly not in practice.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to LaceyLady

There is a possibility that a person can be allergic to the overlay patches/adhesive after sticking them to where everything is placed once every 10 days to keep everything together.

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LaceyLadyStar in reply to Activity2004

I had a partial knee replacement 2019 and they failed to get me a hypoallergenic dressing, 20cm + and 6/8cm wide sticking plaster sized itchy rash took 2 months to go!!

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