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Blood sugar & cholesterol up despite following pre-diabetes advice.

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My blood sugar has gone up - I’ve cut out refined sugars, reduced carbs.

I’ve lost about 10kg and reduced my body fat. My cholesterol has also gone up. I have an under active thyroid and in menopause, too.

I run, teach and train hit and use weights.

I’ve read that everything I am doing - plus my conditions - can actually cause your blood sugar and cholesterol to spike.

Anyone else come across this or have any solutions?

9 Replies
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Not sure. I don’t count my calories. 🤔 I have high good cholesterol too. I eat avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, corn on the cob sometimes. I don’t eat pasta, cakes sweets, bread, sugary drinks - not even fruit juice. What would you define as high density carbs. I’d be loathed yo cut anything else out I HTB ink I’m slim enough snd need the energy for exercising any teaching exercise.

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So what’s your suggestion?

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When I had Graves’ disease which is an autoimmune over active thyroid my TSH was off the scale low and cholesterol was the lowest I have ever known it. I’m in remission now and my TSH has gradually increased - not high enough for anyone to want to treat it, I’m still ‘within the range’ but my cholesterol has gone up enough for the GP who ordered blood tests to try to put me onto statins.

I remember discussing that with my previous GP and she just smiled and pointed out that I was ‘within the range’.

To be out of the range you would have to be very ill indeed - I know that because having started off very, very overactive and passed right through the range to being severely under active during my treatment I felt ill at both ends.

The thing no one takes inti consideration is that some patients might feel better at a particular point within the range than others, I know I felt better at the bottom end.

Unfortunately the NHS doesn’t ‘fine tune’ so my TSH creeps up, I don’t feel at my very best and my cholesterol goes up. I’d much rather my doctor brought my TSH down a bit, then I’d feel good and my cholesterol would come down but nope - it’s easier to prescribe statins!

Then there is my view of the three ages of woman

1. Too young to have anything seriously wrong with you,

2. menopausal - hypochondriac have some antidepressants

3. too old to bother about’

My husband says I’m cynical and I suppose I am.

Have you had a full thyroid panel done along with vitamin D, vitamin B12, ferritin and folates checked - the last four need to be well up within their lab ranges.

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Marnie22 in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Your view of the Three Ages of Woman is SPOT ON. 🤔


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runningyogini in reply to

Thank you. This looks helpful.

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I hear you. I’ve had Graves’ disease. Ended up in casualty - that’s when the doctors started listening. Interesting I was offered anti depressants then. I declined. I was also offered antidepressants to deal leith night sweats again I declined. The doctor spoke to me like I was a fat overweight alcoholic - I suspect that I’m fitter than he is - I don’t know anyone else who can talk through 6 minutes of planks (ie I’m doing the planks, talking and motivating) in a room heated to 40% humidity and 90+degrees Fahrenheit after practising hot yoga for an hour or 90mins. The doctor took my Vit d prescription away so I have buy my own now. I’ll follow up on folates. We have as family history of high blood pressure, strokes etc. Alongside my brother I’m the fittest in the family. They don’t go full through where I am. I can certainly ask.

I fedd Ed l great since I started time restricted eating because one I notice what I’m reaching back too and I notice eust triggers night sweats.

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to runningyogini

Oh dear - see what I mean about antidepressants - I always think there is a big difference in finding it really depressing that your doctors don’t listen to you and actually being clinically depressed.

I also went totally GF a few years ago. I developed inflammatory arthritis- yet another autoimmune condition - and decided to try that.

No, same here I test (I get a home fingerpick test from an accredited lab) my own bloods because my GP only ever tests TSH and very occasionally tests T4. T

They wouldn’t test for vit D, B12 etc and certainly not for antibodies after the first time they found them, anyway I discovered that my thyroid antibodies went right down when I went GF so I kept going and they’ve just come down and down to the extent that I wouldn’t eat gluten again. It could have been that they would have reduced naturally - I don’t know, but I wouldn’t risk going back to eating gluten again.

If you do try GF the sensible thing to do would be to ask your doctor to run a blood test to see if you are coeliac first - I didn’t and I wouldn’t want to have to eat gluten again to find out.

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I’m in the U.K.

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