Confused and worried

Hi. I have had type 2 diabetes for 17 years. Had HA1C at 4-5 for all those years. On two meformin. My weight increased and my diabetes has gone off the scale. Now 7.8 and daily sometimes 19 after breakfast. I'm on a strict no carb now for three days. The last BS check is at 6 - great. Before it was 14/15. But when I wake up it is in the 9's. I don't understand. I didn't eat any snack and no carbs. I saw the diabetic nurse yesterday. She said I have to go see the doctor as it looks like my increased sugar is not from lifestyle ie food and exercise but is in my blood. What does that mean? I'm even more scared now.

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  • By the way. I'm 53

  • Whilst we all are told to watch diet and exercise etc. There can still be outside influences such as genetics that affect you. Also just the aging process can have an effect.

    Don't worry too much I think you have done SO well to have only 2 metformin tabs for 17 years. Sounds like meds just need a bit of tweaking.

    Either that or have you an illness? Even a cold will affect blood sugars! CERTAINLY stress and worry can increase levels so do as advised and see your GP.

  • Thank you Bevvy. I do have a cold and I also had a bad fall (on escalators) last week. Got bruises everywhere!!!

    I will try to relax

    Thanks again.

  • Oh well that could well be what's creating the issue. GP should get hb1c done to check what going on. Surprised the nurse didn't ask for that to happen before you see GP.

  • I had the Hbc1a. before the fall. It was 78

  • Just had a look at a conversation chart. I still work on old numbers. That really is a good hb1c result! I really don't think you have much to worry about.

    Still see GP but I would be surprised if anything changes.

    How long have you had your meter and/or strips? Could they be faulty?

    Most gps now (under NICE guidelines) won't give strips for type 2 and relies on hb1c results.

    If you still worried ask for another hb1c test in 3-4 months time.

  • The machine and strips are new. They gave me them only last week. Thanks for your reassurance.