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I have just joined the group and have recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes so I'm trying to get as much advice as possible. I have started an exercise programme (using the iPrescribe exercise app) and have really cut down on sugary foods (I'm also reducing my carbs). Is there any further advice that anyone could recommend? I'm desperate to avoid developing diabetes.

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  • Sharon1962,

    Welcome to the group. Please feel free to do more posting, comments, taking the polls posted on the Polls section, asking questions and also meeting the other members of the group.

    Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation's website for the free leaflets on "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes " and "Exercise and Diabetes ". Both leaflets can be downloaded, read and/or listened to at anytime. Go to:

    Hope this helps.

  • Welcome Sharon1962

  • If I were you I would seriously reduce carbs ! I have been T1 for more than 50yrs. T2 your pancreas work 20% or80%. If yours works 90% try & let it have a break & walk after meals etc. Good luck !

  • It is also said cause of T2 is insulin resistance...

    if systematic efforts are taken to reduce insulin resistance... diabetes control becomes much easy...

  • Thanks Hobieone!

  • I just had a look at the link, thanks - really interesting

  • Start monitoring your fasting insulin once in 3 months and get the same down to lower end of the lab range. Reduce Triglycerides too. Type 2 Diabetes (for us prediabetes is also diabetes) starts with too much residual insulin in blood.

    Cutting down carbs and replacing eliminated carbs with good fats will go a long way in helping you stay off medications and hit non diabetic numbers. I was Dx'd as a confirmed diabetic in 2011. However, I will be completing six years as a type 2 on zero medications and non diabetic numbers in Feb 2017.

  • Really amazing and great to hear that we can reverse this. Did you start to increase exercise levels too, or did you manage it purely through diet?

  • Just diet change till now. However, if that alone does not help then start upper body strength building exercises. I don't walk for hours. Just whatever is needed for daily chore. On exercise, have a pair of 10lb dumbbells and a bull worker and I am very irregular with both.

    As for my diet, pl take a look at:

  • Welcome to the forum.

    Have a look at Patrick Holford's Say No to Diabetes book and his low GL diet book, It is very informative with lots of advice about using supplements and diet to lose weight and lower blood sugars without conventional medicine. If you can manage to do this it will be better for you in the long run because diabetes complications are horrible.

    Good luck.

    TT x

  • Thanks TT, I will definitely get this book, sounds perfect

  • You're welcome.

    Have a good weekend.

    TT x

  • Try a low carb diet,reducing any foods containing sugars, or foods you know to be high in carbs,such as potatoes,rice and pasta. I have reduced my blood sugars from 82 to 66 and it has to be down to around 49 to be normal. I did this over 8weeks and over the next 8 weeks I would like to reduce it some more. It's hard,when Christmas food is around,but cut right back on alcohol and all the sugary things that we like to eat over the festive period!

  • Thanks so much Anjijag, so great to hear how much we can control this ourselves

  • Hi Sharon

    Like you I was told I was at risk of Diabetes around two years ago with a HbA1c reading of 46.

    I did nothing about for the first year, but after my review last year decided to take action.

    I started the 5:2 diet on the 20th December 2015 and last week had my review, the clinic have just phoned with my latest HbA1c reading which is now 43 although still high it's going in the right direction.

    I weighed in at 14 stone 12 last year,this year 13 stone 4 and feel better for it.

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks Andrew, that's really helpful. I'm feeling much more confident that I can get this under control now

  • Again maybe of general interest....

    Eight Common but Dangerous Mistakes of A High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet

    ( )

  • Try going for a walk after a meal. 90% of people sit down & don't do much after there evening meal. If I were in your position I would work hard to try & keep it from becoming a reality. Good luck Sharon

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