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Insulin Resistance& Diabetes

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Hi all! Writing to see if anyone has had experience with insulin resistance and diabetes monitoring/diagnosis?

I'm 24 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, recently my symptoms have been worsening and they've found some hormonal imbalance and think insulin resistance may be involved due to hair loss, low progesterone, hair growth, fatigue etc. Constantly feel exhausted, like I'm crashing and thirsty but am unsure what would be the reason.

I'm not overweight (according to BMI I'm 20.8 ) and I had my HbA1C tested in April and it was 32( so that's normal) My IGF1 was 35 , in 2019 it was 45 (so both kind of on the high end?) but still feeling horrendous and was just wondering how I should monitor things/ what I should do from here- any advice?'

They've only just started taking it seriously! They've suggested dietary and lifestyle change, honestly it's so hard to exercise loads when I feel so exhausted!! (and suffer from chronic migraines) and dietary changes are hard because I have Crohns disease (all low GI foods make me poop loads!) .

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks everyone


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Please be aware that if you have crohn's you are at risk of B12 deficiency. The symptoms you describe could equally be B12 deficiency.Unfortunately the test for B12 deficiency are very difficult to interpret and an absorption problem may take a long time to actually show up as a deficiency on the tests although you can be symptomatic well before this happens. It may be worth asking for levels to monitored periodically as an absorption problem would show up as a significant drop over time.

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interesting thank you...shall look into this!

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