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Metformin for insulin resistance

I have insulin resistance. I'm constantly hungry no matter what I eat. I'm overweight and on the pathway for bariatric surgery. To get the surgery I need to lose some weight mainly to demonstrate I'm committed. It's almost impossible to loose weight while feeling this hungry. I get shakey and struggle to concentrate, it's not that I just fancy eating.

I have an underactive thyroid and take an ssri so I think these things don't help with weight management for me.

I previously took metformin and it helped lots. I moved house and had to change GP and unfortunately they will not give me metformin. I've looked at the nice guidelines and they do say if a patient is unable to address their insulin resistance with diet and exercise. (which I'm not) metformin can be used.

So I feel like my GP is being needlessly difficult on this and not supporting me with what I know has worked. Especially as I'm not looking to take this for life I want to take it because I know it can help me lose weight (as I'll not be starving). I just wondered if anyone else had experience of taking metformin for insulin resistance or their GP being reluctant to prescribe it.


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Do you have diabetes?


No I have insulin resistance which I've been told make me at risk of developing diabetes and means I'm prediabetic.


insulin resistance can be calculated by knowing your fasting insulin and fasting blood sugar (glucose), what are your numbers?

(fasting insulin x fasting glucose)/405 => us standard = mg/dL

(fasting insulin x fasting glucose)/22.5 => european mmolL/l

If you think metformin helped a lot, why don't you just buy some, you don't need a doctor's prescription to get them


Actually that's what I've just done! In the UK (I'm not sure where this site is based?) it is a prescription drug but you can buy from a website that uses a loophole.


Metformin is the first line oral drug for type 2 diabetes/insulin resistance, it is very cheap and save as long as you don't have kidney failure (eGFR>30), i wonder you need a prescription to get it, even if it is a prescription drug you have every right to get it, because you have been diagnosed wih insulin resistance, tell your new GP that your old GP used to prescribe it, you deserve it, and millions of people around the world take it for their insulin resistance


I was also interested to know of others experience. As I wonder if my GP was being really difficult.


Are you on a low carb or ketogenic diet as this can help with the hunger and insulin resistance? The shakiness and struggling to concentrate could be low blood sugar but without a blood glucose meter you cannot confirm this. My OH did the Newcastle Diet for a few weeks to kick start weight loss and we have been following a low card diet since. Take a look at it is a gold mine of information and recipes even if you are not yet diabetic.


Can't help you with the metformin, sorry.

If you have prediabetes you should be eligible for the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, which is fully funded so should be agreeable to your GP too.


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