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Diabetes Educational Days

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Hi everyone, I've just registered my place for DRWF's Diabetes Wellness Day South again this year. They also hold them in the midlands and north. I've been to the south event every year and the first midlands one, which they held last year. They are so good. The talks and workshops are always informative and insightful and I always get so much helpful advice from the exhibitors. If you live in the UK you should definitely go along to one. Here is a link to their website and the one in the south, the other two are also on the website bit.ly/2G7XcyZ

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I am booked for the North one. Hartlepool Marina. Have been a few times & always pick up new info.

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In the Hartlepool Marina is the HMS Trickamley (not spelt right). A sailing boat from years ago. You can go on & look around.

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Moonie-manVolunteers in reply to HOBIEONE

I would love to look around it. I'll have to plan a trip up. We've got the HMS Warrior, Mary Rose and Victory down here, so a strong link with Hartlepool. I love the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth, it's brilliant. Chatham and the Cutty Sark are amazing too.


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Can’t wait to hear about it!😀

Hi Moonie-man. I used to spend 3days a week in the North Sea, Windsurfing, Jet-Ski , & Catamaran. 3 times have been British National Champ in a single handed Cat. When Mr Fish said it was not going to be windy, I was doing the Grapheme Water Cat open. A bit windy ?

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LOL, yes, slightly breezy :-)

Its a nice day out. You get to talk with others in the same boat. & you pick some tips up. A few years ago I was talking to a lovely man who was in the Submarine fleet in the 2nd World War.

Please go if you can. You will learn something

Its a good day for education with nice people.

Still time to get your ticket booked ?

Hartlepool Marina 3 Nov 2018.

You can get the Train to Hartlepool. Less than a mile to Marina

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