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Non-diabetic hypoglycemia symptoms but normal HbA1c level

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with non-diabetic hypoglycemia despite having a blood test that showed a normal HbA1c level? The doctor’s receptionist wouldn’t tell me if my HbA1c level was at the lower or higher end of normal.

My blood sugar level hasn’t been tested after fasting or when I am experiencing symptoms.


13 Replies
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It sounds like something that should be possible - the HbA1c test looks at a protein that builds up in the blood over time if blood sugars spike a lot - which is why it is part of the testing for type2 diabetes - so it is looking at high blood sugar levels where as hypoglycaemia is low blood

There are other things that could lead to low blood sugar levels - so although it is associated with diabetes it isn't unique to diabetes.

Hope this helps - suggest you talk to your GP about the diagnosis and how to handle it in terms of diet

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Do you realise that if you live in the U.K. you are legally entitled to have a copy of all of your test results? It’s not really up to the receptionist to comment on your results - she isn’t qualified to do that sort of thing. You would need to ask your diabetes nurse for that.

When you get a copy of your HbA1c results look online has a page that explains all about blood sugar levels.

You could also buy your own blood sugar meter and test for yourself.

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IvanaT in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Thank you for your reply. I didn’t ask the receptionist to comment on the result, I just asked her what my level was. I will ask for a copy of all my test results but I don’t have a diabetes nurse because I am not diabetic.

I have read that personal blood glucose meters are not accurate enough to diagnose non-diabetic hypoglycemia.

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to IvanaT

Sorry I think I got it completely wrong, That’s even worse if you only asked her about the ranges of your results!

I agree with the previous poster, you need to speak to your GP about it.

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Thanks for your replies. I have spoken to a GP and my level is 33mmol/mol (5.2%). They aren't prepared to run further tests.

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Batteria in reply to IvanaT

Hi Ivana I have been hypoglycaemic but not diabetic most of my life. I find a glucose tablet when I feel faint does the trick. Con amore Bx

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ling in reply to Batteria

Are there any other consequences from the hypoglycemia?

Do you know what causes it?

Thank you

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Batteria in reply to ling

There are so many factors which can cause hypoglycaemia. Not eating enough for your body’s needs is only one of them. Too much exercise is another. It can also be an early symptom of diabetes. The important thing is to have yourself checked by a medic to see what’s causing yours. Read all you can about it and this will probably put your mind at rest. Con amore Bx

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ling in reply to Batteria

Timely reminder to check my statin, thanks.

I read your profile with interest. With your IBS, are you able to eat fiber and oil regularly?

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Batteria in reply to ling

I can eat pretty much anything except fresh food after eight o’clock at night. I wouldn’t chance it during the day as the slightest thing gives me the runs. I eat fermented food and stuff from jars and cans. I also make pasta and risotto and eat it a few days later. According to dr Michael Mosley not everybody’s bowel can tolerate fresh food. I was about to pay for a poo transplant but, after reading his book, I didn’t need to. God bless him. You look after yourself. Con amore Bx

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HeavyFoot in reply to ling

Getting into a filthy mood when meals come out late in a restaurant!!

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Seekingasolution in reply to ling

I had a spell of feeling hypo for about 4 weeks after my mother died. I felt like I was going to fit rather than faint. At first it frightened me, then it became annoying that I couldn’t get on with stuff. I kept having to lie down and put things aside. I didn’t feel stressed as such , just sad. My doctor told me it could just be reaction and said ‘ no coffee, no alcohol, no sugar, no carbohydrates- just lean protein and vegetables’ and within days I was back to normal.

HbA1c is a lab test that shows the average level of blood sugar (glucose) over the previous 3 months. It shows how well you are controlling your blood sugar to help prevent complications from diabetes. Short term fluctuations in your blood sugar levels will not reflect in HbA1c results. Diabetic patients who take anti-glycemic medications will get hypoglycemia frequently in proportion to the strength of medications. Care should be taken so that hypoglycemia should not occur while you are in sleep.Links:-




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